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This past weekend Janell and I attended (for the second year in a row) a couples retreat where we did some awesome work on our relationship…we also had some wonderful quality time together including some beautiful hikes.
We were both a bit nervous going into the workshop because we knew the first major thing we’d be doing was an exercise called Your Bigger Future™ Vision Breakthrough.
I love this quote by Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach:
“Always make your future BIGGER than your past.”
The problem with that is often people are just surviving in the present (let’s face it, our society encourages being busy, even too busy) and/or dwelling on events of the past…
Now, the lesson isn’t about forgetting your past or ignoring the present.  Quite the contrary, it’s about learning from the past and spring-boarding from the present into a bigger and better future…but I digress.
We were nervous because last year part was when we decided it to move.  This was actually what I wrote (written in May 2017):

  1. We want to build our “dream home” in 5 – 10 years
  2. We’re going to move closer (possibly rent) to The Transformation Club within the next 5 years (more likely 2 years) so that we have less of a commute (make more time to focus on building the business) and decrease stress when we need to be there late at night or on weekends – for example, Janell is hosting a FREE workshop tonight on Environmental Toxins (just show up, you’re invited!)
  3. This year we ’re going to clean and purge our current house.  Then we will meet with our real estate agent to figure out what updates we should do to make it more marketable.

Well, that plan got ACCELERATED in a BIG way – we ended up moving into that “dream home” on February 23rd of this year!
To say the last year was a whirlwind would be an understatement…not that I’m complaining in any way, shape, or form.  Like my buddy Travis says, “champagne problems.”
But, going into this year we were:

  1. Hesitant about setting “too big” of a goal
  2. Not really sure we’d be able to come up with one

When the time came, we both filled out the page (you do it separately, then come together)…funny how it just flows once you get started…
When we compared notes, we were both very much on the same page.  Neither of us had written a bunch “achievement” goals. At least not traditional “do this” or “have that” goals.  
Both of us wrote more about how we wanted to feel and experience life together (and with Badger), both in our new home, business, and in general.  Of course, we did both have the goal of furnishing and decorating the house. ;-b
Janell had a really great “a-ha” that she shared with me – “sometimes a breakthrough is finding a way to maintain, enjoy, and be grateful for what you’ve already accomplished.”
I share this with you because I think in fitness we tend to focus so much, perhaps too much, on achieving the next benchmark – for example, losing 10 pounds for the summer.
While that’s all well and good – we’ve helped so many people do that (and more) – where many people fall short, I believe, is being so caught up in the number on the scale rather than how they want to feel and function in their bodies.
I think that’s why so many people lose weight only to find it again…
They don’t maintain, enjoy, and be grateful for what they’ve accomplished.
And, NO, this doesn’t contradict with Dan’s quote above…
In fact, I think it goes right along with it because if you can’t maintain your accomplishments your future won’t be bigger than your present.  Instead, you’ll just keep riding the “roller coaster of results.”
So, here’s my challenge to you today…
Take some time, 10 – 30 minutes, to write down (yes, write it) your vision for your life in the next 5 – 10 years.  Don’t worry about the format. Just free write. Bullet points are fine, too. The idea is to just get it out of your head and onto paper.  You can organize it when you’re done, but first, you have to get it done.
I’ll come back tomorrow with some strategies for how to turn your vision into a reality…
Justin Yule

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