Your New Secret Weapon for All-Day Energy

Have you ever wished you had more energy to be more active…or even just to get through your busy day?

If you answered, “YES!” then you’re in the same boat as most of my clients…

Your body is an energy burning machine.  Whether you’re working out, going for a walk, grocery shopping, or driving the kids to school…your body is burning energy constantly, and your energy supply is limited.

Under conditions of physical stress (do you know anyone dealing with stress?), the body’s energy resources can become depleted.  In particular, intracellular levels of the body’s primary energy-carrying molecule, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), are lowered significantly.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

ATP belongs to a class of compounds known as adenine nucleotides and our bodies rely on these compounds as the energy source needed to perform every bodily function.  ATP keeps hearts beating, muscles contracting and cells functioning. It is also required for growth and repair of tissues and organs that may become damaged or stressed.*  Without ATP our tissues would simply stop working.  

High levels of cellular energy are required to keep our bodies running at peak performance…

Food and oxygen are the fuels used by the body to stoke the furnace of energy turnover.  As long as there is a sufficient supply of these critical fuels, energy levels are maintained in the body and tissues function normally.

However, simply by living our normal daily lives we routinely run into situations when these fuels are not adequately available.  For example, stress, strenuous labor or high-intensity exercise all increase our demand for oxygen, reduce its availability to our tissues or disrupt normal energy metabolism.  When we use oxygen faster than it can be supplied, our body cannot generate energy fast enough and energy reserves become depleted.

A reduction in the body’s total energy may lead to a variety of deficits including tiredness, muscle soreness, and stiffness, not to mention even more serious health concerns.

Even when oxygen levels return to normal, it may take several days for the energy pool to recover. Studies have shown that, following repeated strenuous exercise, it may take three days for depleted energy levels to be restored to normal, and in cases of heart challenges or other issues that reduce the flow of blood to tissue (a condition called ischemia) energy levels may never fully normalize.

Since cells and organs need adequate energy in order to maintain normal integrity and function, it is essential that the supply of ATP be replenished soon after it is consumed.  

That’s where supplementing with Eniva Health ATP-Pro comes into play…

ATP-Pro bottle

ATP-Pro is made with a clinically tested and patented form of D-Ribose.  D-Ribose provides the basic foundation for ATP and facilitates ATP being produced by the body.

Frankly, without D-ribose, there would be no ATP!

Taking Eniva ATP-Pro can help your body quickly replace energy levels that have been depleted by hard work, exercise, stress, or health challenges.*

Who Can Benefit from ATP-Pro?

  • People with occasional fatigue or low-energy issues find ATP-Pro gives their body the natural (non-stimulant) fuel it was designed to receive.
  • Professionals who use up energy during strenuous days, stay-at-home moms who need to put in long hours, and laborers who perform at a high physical level can find benefit with ATP-Pro supplementation.
  • Athletes whose energy stores get depleted find ATP-Pro naturally replenishes their supply and boosts their performance when they need it most.

Eniva Health CEO, Andy Baechler calls ATP-Pro his “secret weapon” to maximum energy all day.  I’ve taken his advice and have to agree – it’s a difference maker!  I put one serving in my morning “cocktail” along with Eniva’s UltraShot and Vascular Advantage to start my day.  I mix my second serving with Eniva’s Vibe after lunch.

Now that the secret is out if you want to see a difference in your energy and performance, I encourage you to add ATP-Pro to your daily routine.  
Justin Yule

P.S. – You can purchase ATP-Pro at The Transformation Club or, for delivery, click here.

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