Your Most Powerful Mental Faculty

How much protein should I eat?
What’s the best time of day to workout?
Should I do cardio or strength training?
…And so on…
Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those questions. They’re good questions.
However, knowing the answers to those questions doesn’t mean you’re going to succeed… Clearly, you need to take ACTION on them.
But, what STOPS us from taking action?
Now, THAT is a great question!
To truly be successful in anything in life, you must, first and foremost, understand YOU.
I LOVE the subject of personal development and self-study!
While I teach a little of it here, The Transformation Book, and throughout programs like the 6-week 20-pound Challenge, someday I will take it to the next level with more public speaking and courses…
In the meantime, over the next two days, I want to discuss two of your mental faculties – we all have them – that are so important to success.
The first is IMAGINATION.
Now, before you think I’m getting a little too woo-woo, just hang on a minute…
The device you’re reading this newsletter on was, at first, nothing but a dream in someone’s imagination.
In fact, EVERYTHING around you was created twice (chair, desk, car – please don’t read this while you drive!) – first in someone’s imagination, then into physical form.
And, that too, is how you will manifest your goal into reality…
You must first see it before you can achieve it.
Over the last 20 years, I’ve met many people who say they want to lose weight, but regardless of what they do, it doesn’t work… WHY?
Because they can’t see themselves losing the weight. They’re stuck in their present:

“I’m fat.”

“I’m overweight.”

I’m out shape.”

So long as you lock into those ideas, you simply cannot change your results…for the long-term. Reference Section 1 of The Transformation Book for more details on this point.
That’s where imagination begins…seeing yourself achieving your goal.
But, that’s not where it ends…
You see, so many of us have such a poor image of ourselves combined with a lack of understanding of ourselves, that we limit ourselves by choosing weak goals.

“Take the lid of your marvelous mind and dream. Goal Achievers do not limit themselves. There is no reason why you cannot have the good you desire, if you can see yourself with it. Your imagination is one of your most marvelous faculties. Do what Goal Achievers do and use it properly.” ~ Bob Proctor

By the way, EVERYONE has imagination. It’s one of the mental faculties that ALL humans have been blessed with…
The difference between one person and another is simply whether the imagination has been suppressed or expressed.
Think about it…
As little kids, we had wild imaginations. We created fantastic images in our minds and conjured up all kinds of fun fantasies.
Then, adults (parents, teachers, coaches, etc.) told us to “STOP daydreaming and pay attention.” Over time, most of us suppressed our imagination leading us to grow up and think we’re not creative…
The fact of the matter is, we’re all creative. Humans are creative beings. It’s one of the things that separates us from the rest of the animals.
And, if you stop and think about it, you use our imagination and creative abilities everyday…
Sadly, more often than not, it’s to tell yourself you CAN’T do/be/have what you want.
Imagination is one of the most powerful things we have, but, sadly, it’s mostly used to think about what we don’t have and why we can’t have it…
You must understand this:
Whatever results you’re getting in life right now started with an image in your mind…
From now on, create (and hold) the image in your mind of the life you DO want.
And, when you set goals, set BIG GOALS.
I’ll come back tomorrow and talk about the other mental faculty that I wanted to discuss. This one will give you the ability to hold onto the image you want to keep and progressively move towards its achievement…
Justin Yule

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