Your Five Dials

The 5 Dials
This comes from a conversation Dan Sullivan (founder of Strategic Coach) had with an airline pilot…
Basically, Dan asked how the heck the pilot kept track of all the dials in the cockpit.  Have you noticed how many there are?!
The pilot pretty much said, “I don’t.  There are only about 5 here that matter to get us to our destination safely and on time.  They tell me what’s going on.  Then, if one indicates an issue, I look at the other dials that would give me more information about the issue.”

Why is this important and how is it relevant to you?

Well, think about the pilot for a second.  If the pilot had to pay attention to ALL the dials he wouldn’t be able to focus on the most important task – FLYING THE PLANE!
We used this analogy to discuss what to monitor in our businesses.  I’ll show you how to use it to monitor your fitness…
In my business, there are a LOT of “dials” that I could be paying attention to; it would be easy to get caught up in all the data and basically have “paralysis by analysis” ultimately never really getting anything done – the business would plateau or even decline!
So, for me to run a successful business that can live up to the mission of educating, motivating, and inspiring you to become the BEST version of YOU I really need to focus on 5 key “dials.”
For me (and most membership-based business owners), that’s:

  1. Annual Revenue (tracking towards goal)
  2. Profit Margin %
  3. EFT/month
  4. Conversion %
  5. Retention %

From where I “sit” in the business, everything else flows up to that…
Those dials would be different for Janell – more customer service and retention focused.  While Kirstin would be looking more at attendance and results based metrics.
Do ALL the metrics matter to me?
However, If I were responsible for looking at all of those metrics myself it would be incredibly overwhelming!
So, the dials I look at give me the information I need to know.  If one is off, I’m alerted to dig deeper.
Make sense?
Now, let’s relate that to fitness…
Our dials might be:

  1. Steps per Week
  2. Average Hours of Sleep per Night
  3. Weight or Body Composition
  4. Resting Heart Rate
  5. Strength (e.g., X number of push-ups)

Of course, your dials may look a little different based on your goals.  You might want to monitor blood pressure, blood sugar or any number of metrics…
The point is to have 5 dials that you’re regularly looking at that give you the information you need to to get your “destination.”
Oh, and of course, the question of having more than 5 dials came up…
Basically, through trial & error, 5 seems to be the sweet spot of what you can focus on and what should give you the big picture that you need to make the right decisions to achieve your goals.
Plus, since most people aren’t REGULARLY monitoring any dials, 5 is plenty.  ;-b
I’d love to know:

  1. Your thoughts on the 5 dials
  2. What 5 dials you’re going to look at to keep you on track towards your health & fitness goals?
  3. How can I help?

    Email me:

    Justin Yule BS, CPT, MTE, FMSC
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