Stretch Strengthen & Restore

Our yoga program is not yoga fit or sculpt. We’re not trying to combine fitness & yoga like a lot of places.

Our program focuses on flexibility, range of movement, and stress relief.  It’s not a ‘fashion show’ or ‘singles club’.  You don’t need to be flexible or in shape to join our community.  Come as you are!


Gentle Yoga

For the new or seasoned yogi to learn the basics of yoga in a slower paced environment. Class will include breath work, stretching, and gentle movements to decrease stress and improve overall well-being and flexibility.

Relax & Restore

This restorative yoga class uses a series of easy supported poses held for longer time periods. You will use props to achieve complete relaxation and stillness.


Yin yoga helps improve flexibility using longer holds to get beyond the muscle tissue into the connective tissue – the fascia of the body. It is designed to therapeutically stress the joints and ligaments and open up the body, peeling away layers of stress and tension.

Restorative/Yoga Nidra

Begin class with a relaxing, restorative sequence and end with a guided meditation (Yoga Nidra). You will leave refreshed and energized.

Stretch & Strengthen

This Practice uses basic yoga postures to help you build strength and stability in joints and muscle. You will use your breath to encourage mindfulness as you move in and out of poses. Leave feeling grounded, centered and ready for what’s next.

Focus & Flow

This class will have a mix of standing, balancing, and strengthening postures. This dynamic moving class links to breath movement. There will be an emphasis on healthy alignment of the spine and joints. Strong as you want, gentle as you want.


All yoga classes are included in our unlimited class membership plans. Please contact us for yoga-only memberships or drop-in fees.

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