Working Out (or Not) When Life “Happens”

Every now and again I am reminded of a simple truth in fitness that so many people just don’t get.  It’s such an obvious truth – at least looking from the outside looking in – that you think people would totally get it…


But, I actually get why they don’t get it.  When you’re “in it”, it’s hard to see. You’re so focused on “it” that you miss it.


Alright, enough mystery.  What is “it” and what is the simple truth I speak of?


“It” is pretty much life, specifically when life throws you a curve ball – a new job, sickness/death in the family, marriage/divorce, moving, kids going to college, and pretty much every other thing that throws someone off their norm.


By the way, these are all tests, but I’ll get to that in a moment…


So, the simple fitness truth?


You can’t just put fitness on hold.


You can’t make a bunch of progress over months or even years and then when “life happens” just say to your fitness gains, “please hold” while you go deal with life.


It doesn’t work that way!


If you don’t use it you lose it.  Period.


It only takes a few weeks for all your progress to start reversing and before you know it you’re right back where you started…or worse.


Now, I’m not talking about missing a week of your regularly scheduled program because you went on vacation or had to deal with a family emergency.  I’m talking about stopping (quitting) your program for several weeks/months…usually with the thought that “I’ll get back to it when _____.”


But “when” usually doesn’t happen or if it does life will eventually throw another curve ball and here we go again…


You see, all of these curve balls are actually “tests.”


We make a decision to make a change and we start working towards it.  But this is new, it’s not part of our norm. I won’t get into the metaphysics of it here, but just know that God/Universal Intelligence/Source (you call it what you like) pushes back a little to see if this is what you really want before making it happen…


That’s when “all of a sudden” the shit hits the fan.  You’re being tested.


And it’s by passing the test that you actually create the change you desire because it’s through that process that you become a new person, a person aligned with the goal.


You see, it’s not just what you DO that creates the change (achieves the goal), it’s who you ARE that matters most.  People who ARE fit don’t let life’s curveballs throw them off their fitness program. 😉


Make sense?


Take a look at your own life and recognize the “tests” that you’ve faced along your journey.  


Don’t worry if you “failed” in the past.  You’re now in the know so you’re already better prepared for the next test that WILL come along.  🙂



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