Why I Schedule My Workouts

I’m a firm believer in the old saying, “The things that are important to you will show up in two places, your checkbook and your calendar.”

Today, we might update checkbook to credit card or bank statement, but the point is the same…

We spend our money and our most valuable resource, time, on the things that are important to us.

If you’re not spending one or both of them on something then it’s just not that important to you…regardless of what you say.

Family is important to you, then you’re spending quality time with them.

Health is important to you, then your spending money on better quality ingredients.

You get the idea.

I think a really good exercise to do once a month is to review your previous month’s calendar (I’ll get to that in a minute) and bank statements to see what actually shows up as important to you…

I’ve long argued, and it’s not today’s point, that if you’re spending more money on your car payments (and subsequent insurance and tabs payments) than on your health & fitness program then you might want to reexamine things…unless fancy cars ARE more important…but, I digress. ;-b

Today, I actually want to ask you about your calendar…

Do you use one?

Are you a digital person or a paper person?

I’ve actually become a combo person recently…

Ever since I started my fitness career in 1997, using a calendar of some kind has been extremely important.  From back in the day with days packed full of personal training clients to today with coaching clients, meetings, still teaching some classes, and all the stuff that goes into running a business and being a consultant…I need to know where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing at all times.

But, I also use it for my personal life…including my workouts.

You’d think that since I workout in the morning to start my day (unless I’m coaching) it wouldn’t be necessary to schedule my workouts, but I’ve learned that it most certainly is…


Because it’s a COMMITMENT that I’ve made to myself, and it’s something that’s very important to me – not so much the workouts themselves – although I do enjoy most of them – but my health and fitness.

To me, personal health is the most important thing – it impacts everything else – but that’s a conversation for a different day…

That being said, I’ve found that by putting my workouts in my calendar it reinforces my commitment and helps to hold me accountable.  Yes, I still need to be held accountable.

What about you?

Do you schedule your workouts or do you decide that day if you’re going to go?

Do you wait and see how you feel when you wake up to decide if you’re going to start your day with a workout?

If you’re an evening exerciser, do you wait and see how your workday goes to decide if you can fit your workout in?

To me, that’s a recipe for disaster.  

What tool/system, if any, do you use/recommend?

I use Google Calendar to schedule everything.  I like that it goes everywhere with me, recurring appointments are easy to set, and changes can be made without an eraser or making a mess.  ;-b

However, I recently started using a paper planner to list out my BIG 3 for the day, as well as some of the additional tasks that I want to get done to make the day a WIN.

I’m also considering adding a simple checklist (probably from a Google Doc) of the repetitive things I want to do for my business each day just so I don’t miss anything and can check them off as I go.  I’ve been writing them in my planner, and while that’s better than from memory like before, that seems inefficient. I’m not a fan of wasting all that paper so I’m thinking I’ll laminate one and use a dry-erase marker.  🙂

If you’ve got a tool/system that you’ve found works really well please post a comment and let me know, especially for the checklist.  I’m always game for learning something new that will make me better. 🙂

And, if you’re not already doing it, SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS!  

I promise you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.  Oh, one more thing, if you’re gym/trainer uses scheduling software to sign up for classes…PLEASE USE IT BEFORE CHECKING IN!  We greatly appreciate it. 😉


Justin Yule

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