Why I Don't Workout at The Club

Some may find it odd that I own a gym yet don’t workout in it…
Do I think it’s lacking? Is it not suitable to my goals?
NO and NO.
I’m sure I’m biased, but I believe The Transformation Club is awesome!! It’s the best group personal training “boutique gym” in the area, possibly the state…

We’ve got a caring staff, a beautiful facility, intelligent program design, and a great community. 🙂
Our Facebook and Google reviews agree…
We wouldn’t be where we are today if it were not true.
On that note, I actually received this email from a recent transformation challenger who told me yesterday he was becoming a regular member:

“As I have learned in my many long hard years, you are not given Success, you earn it. Janell and you have done that along with [your team].” ~ Mike

I’m very proud of my TEAM (yes, Together Everyone Achieves More) and what we’ve done going from a “one-man show” in the park to this incredible facility and program that literally impacts hundreds of people locally and thousands across the country…and even people around the globe (yes, The Transformation Book and 21-Day Detox Challenge have made us international)!
So, then why wouldn’t I personally workout at The Transformation Club?
It’s all about setting yourself up for success…
For ME, The Transformation Club is where I work.
When I’m there, my focus is off of me and on everyone else.
To be honest, it’s difficult to take off my “owner’s hat” and put on a workout one…
It could be as simple a thing as wanting to pause my workout to clean some dust out of a corner…to remembering I forgot to do something and wanting to run into my office real quick to take care of it…to wanting to help coach class to make the experience even better for the members.
By the way, I know a lot of fitness business owners and they all struggle with this same issue.
It’s kind of funny that we have this dream of having an awesome gym and then when we get it we often don’t workout in it ourselves. ;-b
Now, in reality, I can still get in a great workout and get great results working out in my own gym…
Hell, I got into the best shape of my life and did a photo shoot doing all my workouts (except travel) at my gym. So, yes, I can certainly manage my ADD-like owner behavior when I have to.
Of course, now that I have a coaching staff and don’t “have to” lead classes myself, instead of working out on my own, I could also just jump into a class and workout with the group – immerse myself into a group workout that sort of eliminates those other distractions…or at least makes it a lot less likely that I’ll run out of class to go do something for work. ;-b
I actually have taken classes in the past and I really liked it. Now that I live in Chanhassen I’ll likely do it again here and there. 🙂
By the way, in case you were thinking it…trust me, it’s not that the workouts aren’t “good enough for me.” The workouts are awesome! They’re pretty much everything I need to accomplish my health and fitness goals…
So, why not just do that? Why don’t I just pick a class time and make it part of my day?
It’s something I’ve gone back and forth on quite a bit actually…
On the plus side, I really like the workouts, and to be honest, I probably push myself a little harder because of the group. 😉
The “negative” for me is that I’m still the owner. I’m still going to be concerned more with the member experience than my own. It’s just really hard to put my blinders on and focus solely on me for that hour.
As a matter of fact, if that mindset ever changes then I probably need to get out of this business…
So, for me, right now, my best environment for success is not The Transformation Club.
I need an environment that allows me to disconnect from work (as much as a business owner can) and put all of my focus for that time into my own workout.
Then, when I’m at work, I can put all my focus on work.
Ironically, this same reasoning – putting yourself in the best environment for success – is exactly why The Transformation Club is the best place for our members to workout. 😉
They can leave work at work…and even leave home at home…and enter a community of friends in fitness that’s fun, supportive, and filled with a TEAM dedicated to a mission that serves them –

Our mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire you to become the BEST version of YOU!

BOTTOM LINE: If working out consistently is a goal for you then you need to put yourself in an environment that’s going to give you the best chance possible.
By the way, here are a few more quick tips to set yourself up for success:
~Book your workouts ahead of time. Treat them like any other important appointment.
~If you workout in the morning, set your clothes out the night before so you’re ready to go when you get up.
~If you workout in the evening, pack your gym bag the night before and put it in your car so you don’t forget it.
Workout at The Transformation Club (or similar facility if you’re not local) to get the support you need.
Justin Yule
P.S. – You can test-drive The Transformation Club for one month ==>REGISTER HERE

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