Who are your 1s?

If you’ve been reading my newsletter for a while, you’ve heard me talk about Jim Rohn’s famous quote – “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

I’m not going to beat that dead horse today though.  By the way, here’s a good post that references it and how to deal with it when you’re 5…aren’t so great.  😉

Rather than talk about the 5 today, I want to address the 1…although there may be more than one 1.

What I mean is,

Who do you talk to and/or collaborate with to “level up”?  

Who do you “bro/sis it up” with to be/do/create something greater for each other?

Who can you turn to and who can turn to you for support, guidance, or the occasional kick in the ass?

A perfect example of this is a workout buddy…provided he/she is someone who is reliable, won’t tolerate excuses, and naturally makes you want to do/be better.

In business, this may be a mentor, colleague, or even your boss.

Here are some personal examples from three conversations I had with three different people yesterday…

First, I had a phone conversation with my buddy Fred.

Fred and I are a lot alike.  We both own fitness business and we’re both fitness business coaches.  We both coach with our coach and mentor, Pat Rigsby – another person I can always turn to, especially when I need someone to get me to see the big picture more clearly and r-e-l-a-x.  I often ask myself, “What would Pat do?”

Anyway, back to Fred…

We’re pretty aligned in our philosophies and neither of us has much tolerance for BS.  He’s someone who I can go to when I need to bounce ideas off someone who’s also in the trenches and balancing multiple business roles.  

Of course, he also has 7 (yes SEVEN) kids while I just have Badger so there are definitely some differences, too. ;-b

I can NEVER allow myself to use time as an excuse.  Any time I think there are not enough hours in the day, I just think of Fred, his 2 businesses, and his SEVEN kids… If I don’t get something done, it’s 100% on ME!  

Do you have someone you can talk to who REALLY “gets you” and what you’re doing and trying to do?  

If not, a coach is a great place to start, but I’d also look to make friends with someone who could be this 1 for you.  For example, there’s someone in your gym, in the classes that you take, that could be your buddy like this…

The next conversation was with Andy, the CEO of Eniva Health.

We spent about an hour talking about his VISION for Eniva and where I can help him with that.  I won’t go in depth on details, but this is one of those “bro it up” scenarios.

In other words, Andy and I want to be each other’s 1 in the case of someone to collaborate with to do something truly great together.  To accomplish what we talked about, we’re going to have to get in the trenches together and HUSTLE.

That’s actually exciting for me right now…

Not to take away anything from my partnership with Janell in The Transformation Club.  We’re in it together every day and it’s wonderful (not to say it doesn’t come with its challenges).

But, with Andy, it’s a little different…

Back to that “bro thing.”  It reminds me of back in the day when my buddy Tom and I rose up the ranks together in LTF…

Do you have someone you can team up with where together you’re better than you are alone?  

This could be a training partner, a colleague at work, or someone from a business mastermind that you stay connected with.

The last conversation kept me up past my bedtime last night.  That conversation was with Janell.

At the end of the day (see what I did there ;-b), Janell is my partner in LIFE.  She is my number 1 of all 1s.

We talked about the previous two conversations, our thoughts on where our business is at right now and where we see it going, and the big picture of it all…especially how it plays out for our relationship…

A younger version of us probably would have missed that last part.  In fact, we have in the past…

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of new goals and plans, but we can’t forget how they play out in the real world in the real relationships that are more important than anything else.

That does NOT mean you should suppress your goals for the “sake of the relationship.”  That will actually cost you your relationship!

For example, if you want to embrace fitness as a way of becoming the best version of yourself…that WILL impact your spouse (if you have one).  All of a sudden you’re dedicating time to workouts that were otherwise spent doing something else and you embrace a different way of eating that may not jive with the rest of the household…

That can cause some friction and you need to figure that out TOGETHER.

But don’t even think about giving up what you want to do to better yourself because he/she isn’t interested in that for themselves!  That’ll ruin you and your relationship for sure!!

Hopefully, if you are married or even a single parent (it’s similar with your kids), you have the support at home you need and someone you can talk with about all of this stuff…

This is also where a “best friend” can come into play.  Sometimes when I need advice, assurance, or just need to vent, I call my buddy Travis.  He does the same with me.

Do you have someone you can talk about the big and little stuff with?  

Again, this could be your spouse, a sibling that you really get along with, or a best friend.  It could even be a great counselor.

Bottom line with all of this…


Identify your 1s today if you want to up your game, become the BEST version of yourself, and achieve your goals in life.

By the way, the 1s I mentioned here – Fred, Pat, Andy, Janell, and Travis – ironically, add up to 5…  

Unfortunately, Janell is the only one that I actually get to spend a lot of time with, but it’s good to know the other 4 are available when I need them.  🙂


Justin Yule

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