Which is easier for you?

Janell and I were talking last night about client results, struggles, obstacles, dealing with plateaus, going “backward”, and even falling completely off the wagon…
Actually, we talked about a ton of stuff last night, even how we each broke our arms as kids.
But, I’ll spare you those old war stories, and get back to my topic for today…
I’ll do that with a question…and I’d love it if you responded.  🙂
Which do you find easier – Losing weight or maintaining weight loss?
For me, it’s definitely the maintenance part.
I have no problem dedicating myself to a short-term program (6 or 12 weeks) to get in “really great shape” ← Defining that is another conversation altogether…
But, maintaining that shape…that’s another story.
For example, I did a couple amateur bodybuilding shows in my twenties – I look nothing like that now.
I even did a photo shoot for my 40th birthday (3 years ago) where I got pretty darn “dialed in” – I look nothing like that now.
And, most years I’ll tighten things up a bit before summer…but not look quite the same come New Years.
Any of this sound familiar?
However, there’s a BIG difference to how I look at it and handle it today…
For years, I was very “up and down.”  My weight would fluctuate about 20 – 30 (50 at my peak) pounds as I got on and off the wagon…
Until I finally wrapped my head around truly making health and fitness a LIFEstyle.  
I stopped focusing so damn much on a date/event and instead put my focus into how I wanted to feel and live as a healthy human.
Don’t get me wrong, I still have ego and self-confidence issues like the rest of us, but they’re just not as prevalent…
I still like to get a little more “dialed in” for summer, but because I’ve adopted a long-term approach to my health and fitness “getting in shape” isn’t a big stretch from my norm…meaning instead of having 20 – 30 pound fluctuations I now have 5 (10 at most).
But, back to the original question…
For me, it takes a lot more focus and consistency to maintain my results.  If I didn’t practice what I preach I’d still be on that 20+ pound roller coaster.
That’s why I think it’s so important to do two things:

  1. Have a really good reason WHY you want to be leaner/healthier – for me it no longer has anything to do with vanity
  2. Surround yourself with like-minded people who share a similar WHY.

So, how about you?
Do you find it easier to lose weight or maintain that weight loss?
Justin Yule

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