Which are you counting?

I stepped in today to help coach some of our training sessions while one of my coaches is on vacation…
One of the cool things about coaching less often is that I can really see improvements in people more!
You know how it is; when you see yourself every day it’s hard to notice the little daily improvements.  Plus, you’re not ALWAYS getting better – you’re going to have some “bad” days along the way…
We see this all the time in sports like baseball.  The top teams don’t win every game – not even close!  In fact, the two teams with the most wins ever had 116 wins…

  • 1906 Chicago Cubs went 116-36
  • 2001 Seattle Mariners went 116 – 46

Imagine if they beat themselves up after every loss…
I guarantee they wouldn’t have achieved those 116 wins.
Unfortunately, I see people do this all the time when they’re pursuing their weight loss and fitness goals…
One “bad” day or one “bad” weekly weigh-in, and they’re done.
Instead of focusing on the season, they focus on that one game…and end up blowing their opportunity.
Take a look at the chart below:
What Weight Loss Looks Like
The bottom chart represents someone losing 20 pounds over the course of 6 weeks (weighing in daily).
Do you see all those “bad” days?
There are a lot of them!  
Just imagine if she let one of those stop her from pursuing her goal…
Keep that in mind the next time you work towards a goal in any area of your life.
If you’re going to count anything, count the “good” days.  Focus on how many wins you can rack up instead of getting brought down by the inevitable losses.
Justin Yule
P.S. – In the game of life, even on so-called “bad” days you can always find a WIN.  Sometimes you just have to look a little harder…

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