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Good morning from Louisville!
I know it’s National Sleep Week, but I’ve probably beat you up enough this week about paying more attention to your sleep so I’ll just say, I slept great last night (thank you Natural Sleep)
Back to Louisville…
This is my first of 5 or 6 trips here this year.
While I may prefer the more “exotic” locations like Orlando and Southern California for travel, I always like coming here because I get to spend a lot of extra time with my friend and mentor, Pat Rigsby – he’s the guy who I do fitness business coaching with.  We’re coaching one of our groups, Ideal Business Mastermind, today and tomorrow…that’s always a lot of fun. 🙂
Anyway, I stay at Pat’s house when I come here so there’s always more time to chat outside of business on a more personal level, which is always great!
Yesterday, when I arrived at Pat’s he was meeting with one of our coaching clients, Matt, for some additional private consulting.  I’ve known Matt since shortly after I started my business almost 9 years ago. In fact, we were in the same mastermind group back in the day…ran by Pat.
A lot came out of yesterday’s mini-meeting, but one thing was glaring that I wanted to briefly share:
Stop and smell the roses…
By most standards, Matt has a VERY successful business.  He makes an excellent living and has transformed a LOT of lives.  He works with his wife, is very healthy, and gets to be in an environment he really enjoys.  Sounds very familiar. 😉
Yet, he’s not really happy…
Matt is a go-getter, never one to shy away from working hard, and doing what needs to be done.  But, he’s been so focused on improvement, getting better, and taking things to the next level that he’s failed to recognize just how far he’s come…
I’ve definitely fallen into that trap…and have to work hard to stay out of it.  😉
As Dan Sullivan would say, he’s taken his eyes off the GAIN and has been living in the GAP.
Ironically, one of his frustrations with his clients is when they’re disappointed in not losing “enough” weight in a certain period of time even though they lost more weight in that time than ever before and feel better than they have in decades…
I get this.  I see it all the time.  
Instead of focusing on the weight they did lose and how great they feel (GAIN), they focus on the weight they still have to lose (GAP).
This is a huge problem and probably one of the biggest reasons I see people quit.
For more on this, I highly recommend Dan Sullivan’s book The Gap and The Gain.
I was glad to see that Matt really got this concept.  He’s been coaching his clients on it for the last 25 years!  He just wasn’t applying it to himself and his business…
Matt has so much to be proud of and grateful for.  Now, he just needs to remind himself daily.
When he starts living in the GAIN, I know his business will actually become even more successful as a result!
The same goes for you with your fitness goals…
When you recognize what you have accomplished so far instead of beating yourself up for what you haven’t, you’ll enjoy the journey a lot more…AND you’ll end up achieving even better results…
I’m excited for Matt and so glad he joined our mastermind program.  He’s truly a great human being. 🙂
Talking with Matt was also helpful for ME because I’ve been in Matt’s position, and like I said, I still find myself slipping back to it…
Hey, if you can relate to this, reply back and let me know your thoughts and how I can support you.  
Justin Yule

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