When a loss is actually a WIN!

Last week I took a pretty big loss that is actually part of my biggest win of the year…

But, first, how about that last play of the Vikings game last night?!

I’m pretty sure everyone watching lost their minds…regardless of which team they were rooting for. That was definitely one of those moments in sports where seeing it live was something special.

I can only imagine how Stefon Diggs was feeling when he landed on the ground and realized he had a clear path to the end zone…and then to cross the goal line. WOW!

I hope to have a similar feeling of wonder and excitement in 39 days…

However, let’s step back to last week’s “loss.”

If you’ve been following this newsletter for a while, you know that Janell and I put our house on the market last summer – July 12.

In May, we made the decision to move closer to The Transformation Club. The original plan was to purchase an “in-between home” and live there for a few years and then build our “dream home” in about 5 years or so.

Well, after looking at the cost of “in-between homes” and the cost of buying, selling, moving, and buying again, we realized that didn’t make much sense so we decided to stretch ourselves and just go for it!

And then the long, rough road to selling our home began…

To say it was stressful and distracting would be putting it lightly. We had over 60 showings and had to drop the price a few ties. Ultimately, after 6 months we closed on a price for significantly LESS than what I paid for the house back in 2005 – yup, I was one of those lucky buyers at the height of the market. 🙁

No doubt, taking that loss irks me. I’ve often said, “I hate losing more than I love winning.”

However, this particular “loss” has been an interesting growing experience for me.

The reality is, I’m actually winning BIG with this move and I have so much to be grateful for…

Sure, on paper, I got crushed financially on THIS deal, but in the long run, I’m going to come out ahead…in LIFE.

For one, with this move we’re getting into the neighborhood that we want to be in on the lot that we want to be on – both would be gone if we waited a year or two (or more) for the value of our home to rise above what I paid for it.

Our new house is going to be 5 minutes from The Transformation Club, saving us on average 1 hour per day of commuting for each of us – that’s equivalent to over a month of 8-hour working days per year…each!!

In addition, our new house will provide a lot of the “creature comforts” and enjoyment that our previous house did not – it’s hard to put a price on those.

Bottom Line: When you look at selling the house for less than I paid for it on paper…it comes out as a loss. However, when you look at the benefits this INVESTMENT brings to our lives you can see it’s actually a huge WIN.

When Janell and I made the decision to press forward we looked at the “balance sheet” in terms of daily life and what we VALUE…

What you value shows up in two places:

  1. Your calendar
  2. Your checkbook (and bank and/or credit card statement)

Time is our most precious resource. Once you spend a minute you can’t get it back. It’s hard to put a price on time, but I can tell you that gaining an hour per day, an extra month of time we can put towards making our vision a reality is worth FAR MORE than what we “lost” on the sale of the house.

And, while we may be shorter on finances than we planned in the short term, we’re putting our money towards things in life we value. Sure, that might mean we have to cut some expenses here and there for a while, but again, it’s all about what we truly VALUE.

I can promise you this:

When you really take a look at what you value in life, you’ll find both the time and the money you need to pursue it…

So, in bringing this to a close, I think I’m going to change my tune and start saying, “I love winning more than I hate losing.” There’s a lot more joy to be had in life when you focus on the wins…

Now I’m even more excited to walk through that door (cross the goal line) when we close on the new house! 😀


Justin Yule
P.S. – Take a look at some of your most recent “losses” and look for the win. Sometimes it’s obvious. In some cases, the win may not have manifested yet…

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