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Go Beyond Weight Loss and Diets to Discover True Sustainable Health & Fitness


Do you have “exercise and diet fatigue”?

It’s that exhaustion you feel deep down in your heart from…

Starting another program…

Buying another gym membership

Going on another diet…

Only to eventually end up right back where you started? (Or worse)

It’s more common than you think. Especially for men and women over 40. 

You may not realize this… but you are not the problem

Because the fitness industry has a dirty little secret they don’t you to know:

  • They count on your failure
  • They make money when you give up
They know you will just come back for another round on the weight loss roller coaster… going up and down and up and down. 

And that’s how they make billions of dollars. 

[we believe] THIS IS WRONG


The Transformation Club
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It's A Different Kind Of Gym

It’s friendly, safe, and supportive.

Not some sort of show you need to get “dressed up” for. 

Because with a combined almost 4 decades of professional experience, we’ve found most fitness programs approach everything backward…

The truth is:

  • “No pain no gain” is NOT the best way to create health for women over 45
  • Monotonous cardio workouts do NOT provide lasting health benefits so-called “experts” say they do.
  • Health is an ever-changing journey, not a number on a scale or a body shape.
  • What you do after you exercise is more important than the exercise itself.
  • Fitness is more than food and exercise, it is a way of living that improves every area of your life.


We’ve scoured the entire health and fitness world for over 20 years and in all our research and experience, we’ve found:

4 Core Secrets for men and women to stay healthy over 40

  1. The fastest way to look and feel amazing is a specially designed 30 min workout that can be personalized to work at every age and for EVERY body type no matter how busy, broken, or low energy you feel.
  2. By changing what you do after your workout you can double your energy, accelerate fat loss, and feel better faster without doing a single extra minute of exercise!
  3. The difference between feeling worn down, low-energy, and overweight and having radiant energy, open-hearted confidence, and a body you love is just one simple shift you can make any time, anywhere, at any age. 
  4. You can get off the miserable deprivation diet rollercoaster forever and discover how to truly nourish your body and create sustainable health by adding key nutrients to your diet instead of taking everything away.

But we don’t stop there. 

This isn’t ONLY about some special exercise program or getting in shape…

We take the time to learn your name and work with your unique body, no matter where you’re starting. 

No matter how broken or out of shape you may feel. 

We’re here to work with you.  To be your guide, your friend, your support in transforming your health.

We care about you looking and feeling your best so you can live your best life. 

You deserve to be happy, healthy, and vibrant.  Your family deserves to see you happy, healthy, and vibrant.

And we can help you live it!

So you can chase your grandkids through a playground…

…or walk around the lake with your husband like you used to

…or just feel healthy, confident, and comfortable in your own body

There is no price you can place on that kind of joy.  On that kind of deep life satisfaction. On that kind of health. 

So Instead of looking down the barrel of a grim future of

Endless doctor appointments

A cabinet full of prescription medication

And joint pain that seems to get a little bit worse every winter…

You have the opportunity to transform your health, to transform your life, to rediscover how good you can feel in your body —— even at this age. 

It’s possible. 


Now we want to get something straight with you about the REAL cost of ignoring your health…

Most people make the mistake of focusing on “cost now” instead of looking at the long game and thinking about what their life will look like 10-20 years from now. 

If you want a sneak peek, just look at your parents’ or grandparents’ lives. 

By investing in your health now, you can:

  • Save thousands of dollars in hospital and doctor’s visits
  • Save countless mind-numbing, soul-crushing hours waiting around in offices filling out paperwork
  • Save hundreds of dollars every month on endless prescription medications that you can’t even pronounce
  • Save the frustration and pain for your own children who need to take care of you and chauffeur you around from specialist to specialist to doctor to surgery to physical therapy appointment all because of the poor health choices you made today

Here’s the truth…

Investing in your health TODAY will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the next 10 - 20 years.

But to get those kinds of results, you need a comprehensive plan. 

A plan tailored specifically to you and your unique challenges. You need a friend that’s going to be with you for the long haul.  

And that’s what we do at the Transformation Club. 

But before you make a decision, you need to know that this level of care, this total health transformation may not be for you… 

  • We don't want the people who are still addicted to the quick fix scams of the fitness industry.
  • We don’t work with window shoppers looking for the “best deal” that they will never actually use.
  • We don’t work with people who do not want to embrace their health and see how good life can get.

So here’s who we DO work with:

  • We work with women and men who understand the value of relationships.
  • Women and men who know the value of a community where someone misses you when you’re gone.
  • Women and men who value a highly trained professional who really cares about you, your health, and your family.

What you get when you become a member of The Transformation Club

Member Perks:


Designed with the most efficient & effective training program in the marketplace to get you astonishing health results in less than half the time of other programs


Increase your mobility, heal your joints, and let your stress melt away like an ice cube in the August sun.


To help you dial in your diet, health habits, and anything else you might need to look and feel your best. PLUS, you can message us anywhere, anytime you need so no matter what comes up in life, you can relax and know you have the support you need to stay on track and keep healthy.


With specialized lessons, built-in accountability, and advanced habit change systems to help you make your best health completely automatic.


On the revolutionary science of mindset and brain change, health, nutrition, cutting-edge healing technology and MORE


You don’t need to read a dozen books or listen to a million podcasts. We did all that for you and condensed the best, most practical nutrition advice in the world into one easy to use manual, complete with delicious recipes.


With like-minded amazing people so we can all grow together and support each other

We are really proud of what we’ve created, and for the right people, The Transformation Club changes their life. 

And you can decide now, to embrace your future for less than a cup of coffee a day, and change your life forever. 

You can avoid the “long slow decline” you see in your parents… 

You can live a life of vitality and energy and joy…

You can live a life that is empowered and strong…

You can live confidently and have a powerful living experience instead of a life of just going through the motions.

But you have to decide. 

Do you say YES?  Do you invest in yourself?  In your future? 

Or do you go for another ride on the weight-loss rollercoaster and see if this time you can cheat “diet and exercise fatigue”

The choice is yours. 

Think about it.

When you’re ready… we are here for you.


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