01: What IS Transformation? Google Wasn’t Much Help In Answering The Question

A show called “The Transformation Show” (like this one) had better be able to answer the question “What IS transformation?” This episode is aimed at providing that answer. To start off, Justin and Jannel decided to establish a baseline understanding and thought a quick Google search might help. It didn’t do much more for them than get the conversation started – and the place they wound up is a place you’re really going to like. Listen in and you’ll get the benefit of years of pondering and insight Janell and Justin have put in as they’ve worked alongside clients who are seeking transformation – and as they’ve journeyed through personal transformations of their own.

What is #transformation? We asked Google and it wasn’t much help. Hear Janell and @JustinYule’s discoveries about what it is and how it happens, on this episode. #LifeTransformation #fitness #mindset #WeightLoss Click To Tweet

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:54] Today’s topic: What IS transformation?
  • [2:00] Is a transformation physical or appearance related, or something more?
  • [4:40] What is non-scale victory?
  • [6:09] Why a dragonfly in the logo? It’s for a very specific purpose.
  • [9:03] The best version of yourself comes from many places
  • [17:36] The graceful movement we can all have – even as we age
  • [19:49] Learning to dive more deeply into who you are created to be

Transformation is often used to refer to physical changes. Is there more?

There is no doubt that a person who goes from being dramatically overweight to fit has undergone a significant transformation. You might be tempted to think that it’s only in regard to their outward appearance, but you’d be wrong. Anytime you think, “What IS transformation?” don’t miss the fact that behind any dramatic outward change, there is an inner change that happens first. A change of mindset, a change of heart. Listen to learn more as Justin and Janell discuss the definition of transformation that makes the most sense to them and highlight how it begins within.

#Transformation is often used to refer to physical changes (#WeightLoss). Is there more? Hear Janell and @JustinYule’s discoveries about what it is and how it happens, on this episode. #LifeTransformation #fitness #mindset Click To Tweet

All kinds of transformations happen, and most are non-scale victories

It may sound funny coming from a guy who’s made his living as a health and fitness coach, but Justin often says that every day there are opportunities to experience “non-scale” victories. What he means is that the scale (weight loss) is not the only way to measure transformational success. Attitudes, feelings, adjustments that seem small but make a big difference over time – all of these and more add up more than you might think. Don’t depend on the scale to tell you how you’re doing at transforming your life. You need to go deeper than that.

The best version of yourself today may be different than what it was yesterday

Life isn’t static, neither are we as human beings. Changes happen all the time, for the better and for the worse. The goal in pursuing transformation is not to arrive at some place of utopia where all flux and change disappear. The goal is to become the best version of yourself every day, whatever that day may hold. In this conversation, Janell points out that you come into each day with different resources and you face different challenges in that day. The best you can do is the best you can do – and only happens when you bring the best version of yourself for THAT day to the situation. Listen to learn more.

The best version of yourself today may be different than what it was yesterday. Find out what that means and how to apply it successfully, listen to this episode. @JustinYule #LifeTransformation #fitness #mindset #WeightLoss Click To Tweet

Transformation helps you know who you are and why you are on the planet

Think about where you are in life right now. You got to this place through a number of experiences, influences, opportunities, and circumstances. It’s normal for that journey to lead us into ways of thinking and behaving that are not aligned with who we truly are – so instead of living out of our true self, we live to please others, to gain approval, or to fit into societal stereotypes. Transformation is the process of “resetting” ourselves, releasing the things that hold us back and embracing who we were meant to be. Janell and Justin address this process in greater depth on this episode, so don’t miss out.

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All kinds of transformations happens, and most are non-scale victories. Hear Janell and @JustinYule’s discoveries about what transformation is and how it happens, on this episode. #LifeTransformation #fitness #mindset #WeightLoss Click To Tweet #Transformation helps you know who you are and why you are on the planet. Hear Janell and @JustinYule’s thoughts and advice, on this episode of #TheTransformationShow.. #LifeTransformation #fitness #mindset #WeightLoss Click To Tweet
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