Weight Loss is Toxic?


While I’ve known about chlorophyll since I was first introduced to Eniva Health about 8 years ago, it wasn’t until we partnered with them when we opened The Transformation Club that I really got to understand its importance…

You see, when I told Andy Baechler (co-founder and CEO of Eniva Health) about The Transformation Challenge he insisted that I learn about and introduce our challengers to Chlorophyll+– this was NOT the supplement I was expecting him to suggest.

After learning more about it from both him and his brother Dr. Ben (co-founder and Chief Medical Officer) it made total sense to me…

You see, rapid weight loss can actually be toxic to the body!

Without getting overly technical, we store a lot of toxins (from the environment, skincare products, food, etc.) in our body fat…

When we go on a fat loss program likeThe Transformation Challenge we break down our fat stores and release them into the bloodstream as fatty acids to be used for energy. This essentially is how effective fat loss occurs – I’m oversimplifying it, but you get the idea.

Well, guess where all those stored toxins end up?

Yup. Running through your bloodstream!

Now, our liver is our body’s natural detox system, but the reality is that most livers are pretty overwhelmed…

That’s where Chlorophyll+ comes into play.

This carefully designed Chlorophyll & Body Conditioner Formula focuses on supporting natural cleansing, detoxifying and purifying functions of the body.* This cold processed, natural formula contains specialized liquid chlorophyllins plus the addition of L-glutamine, Inulin, lemon and apple extracts to promote blood, intestinal and digestive health while supporting body deodorizing (including the bowels) and detoxification pathways.*

And, that my friend, is why we recommend the use of Chlorophyll+ to all of our Transformation Challenge participants.

Of course, as discussed yesterday, Chlorophyll+ has many other health benefits, which is why we recommend an ongoing maintenance dose. Fortunately, an ongoing maintenance dose only costs about a quarter per day so it’s really easy to fit it into any budget. 🙂

If you’ve got questions reply and let me know.


Justin Yule 

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