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I’m going to be heading off to Louisville this afternoon so I thought I’d share a few travel tips with you today…

First, it starts with packing. I swear I spend more time packing my supplements than I do my clothes.  ;-b

But, supplements are EXTRA IMPORTANT when you travel!

For one, the food options just won’t be as good so I’ll be lacking in nutrients.  On top of that, I’m spending lots of time on a plane, hotel, and conference room…all breeding grounds for sickness.

When I get to the hotel tonight, my first stop will be the grocery store where I’ll pick up a couple of green juices (Evolution Organic Essential Greens) and kombuchas.

For breakfast, I’ll mix my protein powder in the green juice and have that along with a banana from the hotel and an almond butter packet that I packed.

I’ll drink the kombucha during the morning session to get some additional probiotics in – gotta keep the gut healthy!!

Lunch is a salad at Qdoba.  Double meat, lots of veggies, and guac.  “Yes. I understand the guac is extra. In fact, I’ll take two scoops.”  ;-b

Mid-afternoon is another protein shake.  I just mix it in my water bottle with a Cold & Flu Buster packet.  If I need more, I’ll have an RxBar or a Perfect Bar with it.

Dinner will be a burger-no-bun and a rainbow roll.  The place we go to near the hotel is a bar that features burgers and sushi.  Great combo! 🙂

As for workouts, it’s just part of the morning routine.  I always feel better when I start my day with a workout.

The hotel gym is pretty limited with a set of dumbbells that go up to 30 lbs., a bench, and a not-so-inflated stability ball.  However, that’s plenty. I just adjust my workout to higher reps and more isolation movements. It’s a good change-up to my normal routine.  😉

Finally, sleep.  No going out for me.  I actually do my best to stick to CST for bedtime and wake time while I’m there since it’s such a short trip.

Oh, one more thing, here’s a relatively new favorite travel tool – a collapsible foam roller.  I love this!!

There you go.  Some of my travel basics.


Justin Yule

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