This didn’t go anything like I thought…

If you’ve been following along for the last few weeks than you know we’re officially kicking off a brand new program at The Transformation Club called The Transformation Project.

We’ve got some really great people signed up to finally get off the weight loss roller coaster and learn the habits, skills, and mindset to live The Transformation Lifestyle

…BUT the number of sign-ups are nowhere near expected!  

It doesn’t look like we’re going to hit our cap of 30, which I honestly thought we’d hit in the first week of advertising.  🙁

I think I know why though…and there’s an interesting lesson in here…

First off, let’s just be clear, it’s NOT an advertising issue.  We’ve had over 1500 people view the information page.

So, the issue is clearly with the information page…or is it?

There is certainly a good chance that I didn’t convey the message well enough…

After all, The Transformation Project is a new program that’s positioned differently from the traditional weight loss programs we’ve done in the past.  It’s not plastered with before and after pictures or people holding up signs showing how much weight they lost.


Because, we wanted to take a different approach to attract the people who are more interested in developing the habits, skills, and mindset to live a healthier life…beyond the “challenge.”

That’s why you’ll see videos featuring some of our clients who’ve lost weight, kept it off, and have continued to live the life for at least a year now – some over 7 years!

Based on the people who’ve signed up, we’re attracting people who want that, too.  I’m really excited for them!

So, in that sense, the marketing IS working.  🙂

But still, 1500 page views…

That frightens me.  

But, not for reasons you might assume… I’m NOT worried about the “competition.”  I’ll get to that in a minute.

I’m frightened because 75% of our population is overweight.  Now, I don’t care at all about the vanity side of that statistic.  There’s plenty of skinny people who are a mess inside. But, the health side of that stat… that’s some scary stuff!

Add, to that the happiness factor I talked about yesterday… By the way, some great feedback on yesterday’s newsletter.  🙂

It’s hard to really be happy when you’re really unhealthy and/or always in pain and/or just have no energy or zest for life…

Interestingly enough, stats also show that more people are joining gyms and fitness programs than ever.  New fitness businesses are popping up like crazy all across the country.

But, look at all their advertising…

Short-term weight loss contests.

Hey, I get it.  I did that, too…and very successfully.

The problem now though is that people are just jumping from one program to the next or starting here and stopping, then starting there and stopping, then starting over there and stopping, and so on…

Add to that the price war that’s out there now – Heck, there are $99 6-week challenges now!

Trust me, that’s going to be short-lived for those businesses.  They simply can’t last.

Good for them financially to scoop up a bunch of cash now, but they’re going to see a very poor retention rate and in a year or two they’re going to be back to square one…or out of business. 🙁


Because short-term weight-loss-focused clients are willing to “gamble” $99 to see try out a program…

But, halfway through, when the initial hope and excitement wear off and things get tough, most of those people won’t be there anymore…

…and, since it was was “only $99 – no big loss.”  

And, for those that do make it through, what about life after the challenge?  

Just take a look at the attendance drop each year come February/March in gyms across the country…  

2019 for me is all about spreading the message as far and wide as I can about The Transformation Lifestyle.  My TEAM and I will do it through this blog, my newsletter, The Transformation Show podcast, social media (follow me us IG @justin.yule, @janell.yule, @thetransformationclub), events like the Women’s Empowerment Event, The Transformation Project, and more…

At the same time, we’re going to continue to look for and develop ways to provide more service and connection with our clients at The Transformation Club to help them stay connected to their goals and accountable to the process…so it ultimately just locks in as a healthy habit and they love living The Transformation Lifestyle and all the rewards it brings. 🙂

Until people who want to lose weight actually realize and UNDERSTAND it’s not about a short-term contest but rather learning how to develop the habits, skills, and mindset of a healthy and fit person…they are going to struggle and continue to ride that weight loss roller coaster for the rest of their life.

I’m truly excited for the people in The Transformation Project!  And, with fewer participants than expected, they’ll get even more individualized attention and we’ll be able to help them even more.  Good for them! Good for us! 😀


Justin Yule

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