The Problem Isn’t The Problem

This might be a little heavy for a Monday morning, but oh well…

Today, I want to talk to you about your “inner conflict” – that unconscious belief that is in direct conflict with what you consciously want.

Let’s read that definition again…

Your INNER CONFLICT is that unconscious belief that is in direct conflict with what you consciously want.

In other words, the conversation inside your head of why you can’t have what you want.

Right now, think about something you really want…

Now, check this out — the moment you want something, two things occur simultaneously:

  1. The awareness of the having of it (feels good)
  2. The awareness of the not having it (feels bad)

Feel that?

  1.  Now, watch this — because your current reality provides evidence of NOT having it, those feelings tend to dominate…
  • The voice in your head begins to justify why don’t have it, why you might never have it, and how you don’t know how to have it.  
  • You focus on your lack of knowledge, skills, and resources.  
  • Or, you think about possibly failing in your attempt and how that’s going to feel.  
  • Maybe you compare yourself to people who have what you want and assume they’re special and you’re not.

Bottom Line:  You move into a SUFFERING STATE.

And, as we’ve previously discussed, nothing good comes from a suffering state.  Everything you want comes from a BEAUTIFUL STATE.

So, here’s an exercise for you…

WARNING:  It’s going to stir up some crappy feelings, but they’re important to recognize.

List out all the “negative” things that come to mind when you think about achieving your ideal goal (e.g., healthy and fit body):

  • Why can’t it happen?
  • Why won’t it happen?
  • Why might it be hard?
  • Why aren’t you ready yet?

By answering those questions, you just identified some of your LIMITING BELIEFS.

Your limiting beliefs are the reason you’re not achieving your goals!

You see, the problem isn’t the problem….the problem is your limiting beliefs.

I’ll show you exactly why this is true and what you can do about it in tomorrow’s post…


Justin Yule

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