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Janell and I are heading off to Las Vegas tomorrow for our annual anniversary trip – Saturday is 6 years!!!!!!
We’re really excited to totally unplug…and connect.  🙂
This being our 7th year in a row going to Vegas (we got married there also) and staying at Mandalay Bay we pretty much know the lay of the land and what we like to do and explore…
We actually have each day outlined (including the level of R&R we want, and especially the restaurants we want to eat at! ;-b) so we get the most out of the vacation.
I thought today I’d share a neat “tool” we got at that couples retreat we went to a couple weekends ago; it’s for planning out days off.
The Free Day™ Filter

Now, at first glance this may seem silly – Do I really need to fill out a tool to plan my time off?
Well, let me ask you this…

  • Have you ever had a day off where you felt like it was kinda wasted?
  • Has your vision of a great day off ever conflicted with your significant other’s?
  • Have you ever found yourself defaulting to doing work on a day off?

Well, if you’re anything like me, you likely answered yes to all three of those.  
Now, not all days off are going to be epic.  They’re not all going to be a vacation…
Sometimes you have to do the laundry, clean the garage, and run errands, right?
But even those types of days off can benefit from a little pre-planning.
Janell and I actually got a lot out of this tool. 🙂
It helped us each understand each other’s expectations and what we each find ideal for fun, rest, relaxation, or whatever else your day off goal might be – including the necessary adulting and homeownership stuff…
Now when we schedule days off together we have an initial discussion about the day, and then we make plans accordingly.  
Like I said, we actually did that for each day of our Vegas trip…
Not that everything is scripted to a schedule, of course.  We just know what we each want to get out of each day and have plans to make it happen for each other.
Give this tool a try for your next day off.
Justin Yule

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