Tax Preparation and Fitness

Death and taxes…

We’ve all heard the saying.

This is usually attributed to Benjamin Franklin, who wrote in a 1789 letter that “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Of course, you could NOT pay taxes, but that probably won’t turn out so well for you.  ;-b

I’m happy to report that, thanks to better planning, we’re getting a refund!  🙂

I supposed perfect planning would be to break even, but I’m certainly not complaining.  ;-b

Taxes, along with bookkeeping, is just something I don’t mess with.  In fact, I suppose you could say that my very first hires when I started my business were a bookkeeper and an accountant.

The thought of doing those things myself…ugh…just gives me agita.

Sure, I’m a pretty smart guy and could probably learn the basics, but would it be worth it?  

Hiring a professional saves me a ton of valuable time (to do things that actually make me money) and greatly decreases my stress (saving some money isn’t worth being miserable).  Plus, he’s certainly going to do better for me with my tax return and business planning than I would for myself so there’s a return on investment (ROI) to consider.

There’s actually a really great corollary (is that the right word?) with getting help with your fitness training…

Think about it…

To get your taxes done, if you don’t want to get after it with a pencil and a calculator totally on your own, there are basically three levels of help you can seek out:

  1. Tax software
  2. Tax professional
  3. CPA

Well, with your fitness training, there’s a similar trio:

  1. Book, DVD (do they still make those), or online program
  2. Group fitness class in a big-box club or recreation center
  3. Personal Trainer (Group, Semi-Private, 1:1)

All three can be effective, but which one is right for YOU?

If you’re really self-motivated, have no problem showing up, and will put in the work, then a do-it-yourself type program can work really great for you.  There are several of these options that I’m a fan of. We actually do a limited amount of this for people where we design their monthly program and they do it on their own.

Next up, if you need a place to go, along with the guidance of someone who can lead you through a workout, but don’t require a lot of individualization or personal attention, then a group fitness class can be great.  

Just be careful with these because it’s pretty rare you’ll find a weekly schedule that is set up as a program – meaning, you could be doing relatively the same thing tomorrow that you did today, which could lead to overtraining and injuries.  A simple workaround if you’re attending on consecutive days would be alternating between strength-based classes and cardio or yoga classes.

Finally, if you’re someone who wants more individualization, better programming, accountability, personal attention, a relationship, and everything else that comes with having your own coach…hiring a personal trainer or joining a group personal training program is going to be your best bet.

Again, all of these methods can be effective…

Which one is right for YOU?

For me, I’m always looking for my best ROI.  

So, going back to my taxes, given that my situation is a little more complex than a standard return, while it’s the most expensive (up front) option, having a CPA that I work with year-round is going to get me the most bang for my buck.

When it comes to training, there’s a big difference between what you get with the $20/month option and the $200/month option.

Make sure you’re paying attention to the ROI, not just the price…

I hope Tax Day is treating you well this year.

If it’s not so great, consider “leveling up” your help this year.

You might consider the same thing for your fitness program…


Justin Yule

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