Tater Tots & Ice Cream

I was talking with a new client the other day and she asked me if I eat healthy all the time.
Well, “healthy” is certainly a loaded term, but I won’t go there…
Basically, she was asking me if I follow the nutrition plan we provide at The Transformation Club all the time.
In those terms, yes, Janell and I do follow the nutrition plan all the time…because our “plan” isn’t about being 100% “perfect” all the time – whatever the heck that means…
We don’t really do “meal plans” and we certainly don’t go on “diets.”
Our philosophy is pretty simple – Just Eat Real Food…and make conscious choices not to sometimes…
Let me offer up a recent example.
On a recent trip to Louisville, I was eating at a restaurant that my coaching group frequents – it’s walking distance from the hotel and is a fun environment.  My standard dinner at this place is a burger without the bun, broccoli instead of fries, and a rainbow roll. Yes, it’s a burger and sushi bar. Interesting combo.  🙂
Anyway, on this particular night I had a hankering for some french fries – yes, I like fries and eat them occasionally.  They go in my “worth it once in a while category.”
But, I noticed tater tots on the menu and thought that was interesting so I asked the waitress about them.  Everything else is pretty good at this place so I figured there must be something special about the tots…
She encouraged me to get the tater tots instead of the fries; they were a favorite of hers.
Well…not so much in my opinion.  They were nothing special, and definitely went in the “totally NOT worth it category.”  
Now I know, so I’ll just stick to my rainbow roll going forward.
My point is, I’m not about or even interested in being “perfect” with a diet.  On the flip side, something has to be really worth it to me to deviate (here and there) from what we consider supportive nutrition…
That’s where really good quality ice cream comes in.  ;-b
Now, with that being said, I’m human, have an ego (trying to keep it healthy and in check), and I get self-conscious about my body so there are times when I want to tighten things up to lose some excess belly fat that creeps on…
That’s where Janell’s world-famous 21-Day Detox Challenge comes into play.  🙂
For the sake of space, I won’t go into all the details here (you can get them here), but I will say I’ve yet to come across a program that produces better results (long list of various types) for myself and THOUSANDS of others in such a short period of time.
Justin Yule
P.S. – The 21-Day Detox Challenge produces far greater (and more valuable) results than just weight loss…but it’s OK to want to lose a few inches from your belly, too.  😉

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