The Other Half Of The Battle

When I was a kid if I wasn’t out on my BMX bike or playing pick-up sports with my friends, I loved watching afterschool and Saturday morning cartoons! Some of my favorites were Transformers and Duck Tails, and of course GI Joe… At the end of every GI Joe episode there’d be a short public [...]

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First trip of the year

I’ll be heading off to the airport later this morning to take my first trip of the year. Thank goodness it’s to sunny Orlando, FL wear the temps are 60-70 degrees. :-) I travel pretty often for work - I do business coaching for fitness entrepreneurs. I also travel to attend mastermind meetings that I’m [...]

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Mom was right!

OK. Yesterday we kicked off our 12 Days of Christmas specials with 12% OFF Chlorophyll+, a supplement that deserves a lot of love and attention... So, what’s the deal with Chlorophyll+? Your mom was always on your case to “eat your greens,” and she was right! It turns out that the power of our plant [...]

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Do you ever get sucked in? I do.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of negativity in the world… The news puts most of their focus on the bad stuff and the crazy stuff that goes on. It’s really easy to get caught up in it and forget about all the good that goes on and how truly blessed our lives are… I mean, if [...]

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My must haves for travel

I’m back to traveling this week and next week… This week Janell and I are in Chicago for Strategic Coach - a coaching program for entrepreneurs -  on Tuesday. We drove down yesterday, with a pit stop in Madison to visit one of Janell’s oldest friends, and we’ll be heading back on Wednesday evening after [...]

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How To Choose the Best Exercises for You

There are countless exercises that you can perform with all kinds of equipment. The list is almost endless. Hell, there are hundreds, maybe thousands if you consider variations, that you can do with just your bodyweight alone! So, how on Earth do you determine what is the best exercise for a given goal, and better [...]

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Your Five Dials

The 5 Dials This comes from a conversation Dan Sullivan (founder of Strategic Coach) had with an airline pilot… Basically, Dan asked how the heck the pilot kept track of all the dials in the cockpit.  Have you noticed how many there are?! The pilot pretty much said, “I don’t.  There are only about 5 [...]

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