RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Carrot Cake Cupcakes!!!

 I remember growing up my Aunt always made me a birthday cake. She made it from scratch and decorated it and everything! It was one of my favorite parts of my birthday. Now that I eat gluten free and don’t eat a lot of grains, I make my own birthday treat. As I have gotten [...]

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Breakfast of (Traveling) Champions

Travel can really throw some people off their game… Late nights lead to rushed mornings. Workouts get skipped. Nutrition goes out the window. If you travel once in a while I can see this happening, and, in reality, it’s no big deal. But, if you travel often it starts to add up and it does [...]

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Are you sabotaging yourself?

  Training and eating healthy are essential to health and fitness.  But if you aren’t drinking enough water, you may be sabotaging yourself.  About 75% of our bodies are made up of water alone.  That should give you a sense of how important it is to drink enough of it. When we don’t drink enough [...]

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