“How’s it going?” he asked me.

A friend of mine emailed me and asked me how our “new” transformation challenge is going.   He reads this email so I’ll answer for him here.   I’m telling YOU because I figure the more transparent I am with you the better our relationship will be - by the way, the primary reason I [...]

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Reflecting on Lasts Night's Loss

So, yeah, last night’s Vikings game was pretty ugly for us here in Minnesota… I’m no expert, nor is this the place to analyze the game - I’ll leave that to the armchair quarterbacks and sports analysts. I do want to point out one thing though…   In the grand scheme of life it’s just [...]

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Your Most Powerful Mental Faculty

How much protein should I eat? What’s the best time of day to workout? Should I do cardio or strength training? ...And so on… Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those questions. They’re good questions. However, knowing the answers to those questions doesn’t mean you’re going to succeed… Clearly, you need to take ACTION on [...]

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Crabs in a bucket

I wanted to talk to you today about an important subject that I believe is the ULTIMATE DIFFERENCE MAKER in your success...in anything.   Crabs in a bucket… No, I’m not talking about a delicious bucket of garlic & butter crabs with an ice cold Corona from the Bum Roger at the Jersey Shore.  That [...]

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