10 Things About Successful People

  1. The most successful people keep improving while the average usually remain average. This, in my opinion, is largely because successful people enjoy improvement. They like learning. They like setting new goals and hitting them. They see success as a process...a journey. They don't buy into the “I'll be happy or successful when…” mentality. [...]

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Stop Exercising If You Want Long-Term Results

So, you’re ready to start exercising… Well, here’s where we tell you NOT to. HUH? Here are the cold, hard facts: Weight-loss is one of the top New Year's Resolution in the U.S. each year, yet... Only 46% keep their resolutions beyond 6 months - MOST QUIT BEFORE 1 MONTH! Only 8% achieve their goals!!! [...]

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Your Five Dials

The 5 Dials This comes from a conversation Dan Sullivan (founder of Strategic Coach) had with an airline pilot… Basically, Dan asked how the heck the pilot kept track of all the dials in the cockpit.  Have you noticed how many there are?! The pilot pretty much said, “I don’t.  There are only about 5 [...]

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