This didn’t go anything like I thought…

If you’ve been following along for the last few weeks than you know we’re officially kicking off a brand new program at The Transformation Club called The Transformation Project. We’ve got some really great people signed up to finally get off the weight loss roller coaster and learn the habits, skills, and mindset to [...]

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No Offense

So, yesterday I wrote an email and used the subject line “Mindf***!” Some people took issue with that.  One even unsubscribed from my newsletter altogether! Interestingly enough, others sent me positive comments…and even signed up for the seminar I mentioned.  :-) Funny how you can get such opposite reactions from different people, isn’t it? Here’s [...]

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Why is it that success (however you define it) can seem so hard, even unattainable? Ever feel like you’re living in a sort of Groundhog Day scenario? You make the decision to lose weight… Maybe you even join a gym and start a new diet… Yet, inevitably you end up right back where you started...or [...]

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