How's it going so far?

We’re do I even begin? To tell you the truth my head is still spinning a bit, and I’m REALLY sore; I didn’t think to use Muscle Aid (a.k.a. anti-soreness juice) throughout the weekend while packing up the house - DUH! ;-b. It’s an interesting way to start off the year with a move… Seems [...]

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Are They Smart?

Are They Smart?   Yesterday I started talking about setting goals for 2018. Today, I’d like to give you a little guidance so the goals you set are effective and you can actually achieve them… Sound good? Here goes: One of the biggest issues I see with goals that people set is that they’re very [...]

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20 Years in the making

Twenty years ago.  January 1997 (I’m not positive of the date).  I started my fitness career with an internship at Gold’s Gym in Danbury, CT. Wow!  That seems so long ago!! It’s kinda fun to sit back and reflect on those days... I’ve seen a lot of things over the last two decades in the [...]

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