8 Tips from Arianna Huffington

Since I’m traveling today, I’m going to go the easy route and borrow from a great source… In honor of National Sleep Week I’m going to share 8 Tips from Arianna Huffington’s outstanding book The Sleep Revolution. On to Arianna’s tips with some additional comments from me: Set a cool room temperature. We set our [...]

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Pink Made Me Late Today

I’m sitting down about 2.5 hours later than normal to write today’s newsletter, and it’s Pink’s fault.  ;-b   Janell is a BIG Pink fan.  Last night she went to her concert in Minneapolis, which meant I was covering her coaching sessions this morning.  The days of being out late and getting up early are [...]

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Is this the secret to better days…..

I’ve been reading/listening to/focusing on a lot of info about how to have better days - days that are more productive, more energizing, and just make you feel really accomplished, happy, and grateful when you put your head on the pillow at night… The one thing that all the experts seem to agree on [...]

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