New Recipes I’ve Tried!

I’ve made several new recipes in the last month that I really liked.  I’m trying new things because my appetite has been “off” for the last several months with all the transition in my life.  There are many nights and weekends that I am tempted to stop and get something on the way home instead [...]

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RECIPE OF THE WEEK: We Sampled These Last Night!!!

Last night we hosted a really FUN Fitness After Dark event at The Transformation Club!  We had a DJ, wore green for St. Patty’s Day, gave out some prizes, and sample some healthy food!  We love hosting events like this for our Community of Friends in Fitness:-)   One of the things we sampled was [...]

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Setting Yourself Up

Yesterday was a PRODUCTIVE day at the Yule household!  Janell and I got almost everything unpacked and put in its place.  :-) Janell is very excited about the pantry.  Who am I kidding, I’m THRILLED about it, too.  ;-b I can’t stand clutter!  The pantry in our last house was always a point of contention... [...]

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My Favorite “Clean” Eating Recipes

This time of year a lot of people are focused on “cleaning” up their nutrition. While I don’t believe there are dirty foods and clean foods, clean eating is a phrase most people are familiar with. Whenever I find myself needing to increase my veggie intake and get back in the kitchen I turn to [...]

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