Super Bowl Detox

This is going to be an interesting week here in Minnesota – it’s Super Bowl week!
I was looking at the Super Bowl website and there is a TON going on!!
If I were to pick just one event it would probably be the food trucks.
Not sure I want to deal with the crowds though…
Ironically, I’m not even going to be in town for the Super Bowl this year. 
I’m attending one of my mastermind meetings on Monday and Tuesday…so I’m going to fly out on Saturday.
I can’t complain though – I’ll be in sunny Southern California. ;-b
Now, as far as today’s newsletter topic goes…
I’m not going to be cliche and write about how to enjoy the festivities without throwing off your training and/or nutrition plan.
We’re all adults here, and I get that hosting the Super Bowl is probably a once in a lifetime event and some people are going to want to partake in all the fun with no restrictions…
If that’s you, go for it!
Like I said, if I were going to do one event it would be stuffing my face at the food trucks on Thursday. 
I would, however, still “manage my minimums” as I’ve written about before – for me, that’s no gluten and no alcohol.
You can decide your minimums…if any.
What I will recommend, whether you’re partaking in the Super Bowl festivities or not, is to join Janell’s 21-Day Detox Challenge that starts on Monday – after the Super Bowl…
We purposely adjusted the timing of the Detox Challenge this year because of the Super Bowl – we knew for our local friends the Super Bowl would likely be more than one day to navigate.
Plus, I also feel doing it in February actually provides a secondary benefit for long-term results…
Believe it or not, it’s the week after the Super Bowl when gyms start to see a massive decline in attendance and a big uptick in membership cancellations.
Yup, the New Year’s Resolutions start to fade away towards the end of January and the Super Bowl is often the “nail in the coffin” – it’s a late Sunday night with generally less-than-supportive nutrition followed by not-so-great night of sleep…
This often results in people skipping yet another workout on Monday, which ultimately leads to either disappearing from the gym until a possible pre-spring break resurgence or just quitting entirely.
Sounds pretty glum, doesn’t it?
It’s the truth though. I’ve been in this industry for 21 years now and it pretty much happens like clockwork.
That’s why we’re recommending you make the commitment NOW to participate in the famous 21-Day Detox Challenge – to keep your momentum going or rekindle the desire to make 2018 your best year ever!…
You can still have a great time with your Super Bowl festivities…
Hell, you can even skip your workout on Monday!
The 21-Day Detox Challenge will give you the reset you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. I’ve seen it time and time again……
Justin Yule
P.S. – Register for the 21-Day Detox Challenge NOW so you don’t get distracted later this week. Plus, you’ll be able to read through the program manual ahead of time and get yourself set up for success on Monday. 

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