Summer Exercise Mistake

While the official start of summer isn’t until June 21st, we start getting into summer mode on Memorial Day weekend, and then, even more so, as school lets out – this week in our area.

And, this is where I see a lot of people make a critical mistake with their exercise…

People start leaving the “confines” of being inside a gym to get outside and enjoy the weather more.

Hey, I get it.  I love the summer.  I’m a shorts and t-shirt kinda guy. 🙂

However, with those outdoor “workouts” (sorry, gardening doesn’t count) comes the elimination of the most important kind of workout for most people…

Strength training.

Of course, you could strength train outside, but, let’s be real, that’s not what’s happening here.

Here’s the problem:

Once we’re in our 30s or so we start to naturally lose about 1% of our lean body mass each year – we become “under-muscled”.  In addition, and quite related, we lose about 1 – 3% of our strength each year.

When you’re under-muscled all kinds of things start going wrong including a slowed metabolism, blood sugar irregularity,  hormonal imbalances, and more…all of which make you gain weight in the form of fat.

By the way, you can lose 5 pounds of lean body mass and gain 5 pounds of fat mass, thus not see the scale move…but look and feel a whole lot different (worse)!

Can you see why strength training is so important, especially for people who want to lose (or not gain) fat?

So, yes, get outside and enjoy this weather…

…but, make sure you’re still squeezing in a couple of strength training sessions per week.

Got it?

Good.  🙂


Justin Yule

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