Story Time

It’s been a hot minute since I covered some mindset stuff.  Let’s get into it…

There is only ONE CAUSE of suffering – the meaning you give an experience.

Here’s a basic example…

Person A loses his job and thinks he’s screwed.  He becomes anxious and overwhelmed with the thought of losing everything.

Person B loses his job and thinks she’s been given a fresh start, a chance to pursue her real purpose in life.

Same situation.  Different meaning.

Who do you think is going to come out better off?

My money is on Person B.

Here’s a situation we deal with all the time in our business:

A prospect doesn’t sign up or a member cancels… What stories do we tell ourselves?

Maybe you tried a weight loss program that a ton of people got results in, but it didn’t go quite as well for you as you expected… What story do you tell yourself?

Or, a relationship that you wanted to work doesn’t… What story do you tell yourself?

Your brain creates a narrative about your present moment based on past experiences, beliefs (remember those are decisions), and the repetitive meanings that you give similar circumstances in your life. 

We tell ourselves stories and get emotionally attached to them.

This can take us down a deep, dark rabbit hole…

…and, as we know, we don’t produce well when we’re in a suffering state.

I think one of the hardest things we have to do is detach ourselves from situations and just look at the facts.  

This is really difficult for me.  I’m an emotional person and I often take things too personally.  That’s not helpful. In fact, it’s harmful because if I’m in a suffering state so is my business/relationship/body/etc.

So, the next time you find yourself telling yourself a suffering story see if you can change it up:

  • What’s another perspective that could be possible?
  • What could the lesson or blessing in this situation be?
  • How could this experience lead to learning, growth, and even opportunity in your life?

Remember, suffering is separate from the experience…

“Suffering does not exist in the natural world.  Man is the architect of his own suffering by the design of his own thinking.” – David Bayer


Justin Yule

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