Some days you just don’t want to workout

This morning was one of those mornings…

The alarm went off.  

I was not excited to get up.

I got up anyway.

Then I contemplated…

…standing in the dark…

…for about 3 minutes.

“I’m just not feeling it today.  Maybe I need the extra rest. What’s one workout?  I’ve got an important meeting today that I need to be fresh for…  But, I’m already up. Am I really going to feel more rested if I go back to sleep for a little bit?  Will I feel guilty for not working out? Hey, it’s my choice…I can do whatever I want and feel good about it!”

Are you following me here?  Can you relate at all?

So, what did I do?

First I thought about my goals, although I could rationalize how one workout wouldn’t set me back much considering how consistent I normally am…

Then, I thought about the commitment I made…to myself.  That helped, although I didn’t want to just do it out of guilt, even if self-imposed.

Finally, I remembered something a client said to me way back in the day that has always stuck with me – “There have been plenty of times I didn’t want to show up, but there’s never been a time I regretted doing so.”

I knew I would feel better when I was done.  Hell, I knew I’d feel better once I got started.

So, I took the next positive step forward…

I brushed my teeth.  Still debating.

Then I took another step…

I put on my workout clothes that I put out the night before.  Still debating.

Then another step…and another…and another…until I was working out…beating all the numbers I had set for the session!

And now, I’m really glad I got my workout in.  🙂

I hope my little story is helpful the next time you have one of those mornings…

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