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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I spend my time…

I’ve got some pretty big goals for 2018. I’m planning to make it my best year ever!

With that being said, managing my calendar is critical.

And, don’t get me wrong, I’m not just talking about business goals. I’ve broken my goals into 5 categories:

  • Business
  • Health
  • Marital
  • Personal Enrichment
  • Social
  • Wealth

I’ve seen others recommend up to 10 categories including:

  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Marital
  • Parental
  • Social
  • Vocational
  • Avocational
  • Financial

That’s up to you to decide.

But, looking at my goals, I know that managing my calendar is going to be critical so I’ve been looking back at how I spend some of my time currently and I also did some Googling…

And, this SHOCKED me:

The average person will spend nearly two hours (approximately 116 minutes) on social media every day, which translates to a total of 5 years and 4 months spent over a lifetime. Currently, the total time spent on social media beats time spent eating and drinking, socializing, and grooming!


I guess, a few minutes here and there really adds up…

Funny thing is, a lot of this time is actually while people are at work, but that’s another story.

This just goes to show that it’s really easy to lose (waste) a significant amount of time without even realizing it.

I’m on a mission in 2018 to maximize my time and get the most out of the limited amount I’m granted.

That doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy some time on social media, but I’ll be very mindful of how I’m using it and what “rabbit holes” I fall into…

How about you?


Justin Yule

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