Should You Use a Detox & Cleanse Kit?

As we kick off the New Year and focus on getting our health and fitness dialed in, I personally like to do a detox and cleanse protocol. I actually do it a few times per year…

If you’re wondering if this is something for you to do, take this survey to help you determine if your body needs to cleanse and detoxify:

– You’re experiencing constipation and/or indigestion.
– You don’t feel like you have energy to accomplish your tasks.
– Your diet recently has been filled with bread, pasta, sweets, trans fats, and processed foods.
– You take or use antacids, buffered aspirin, toothpaste, nasal spray, and some cosmetics that may have aluminum added to them.
– You use questionable cleaners, soaps and/or body care products.
– You regularly wear dry cleaned clothing.
– You consistently use paint, paint thinners, and wood preservatives.
– You use antibacterial agents on a regular basis.
– You work with fire retardant materials, carpets, and upholstery.
– You have been consuming more than a moderate amount of alcohol.
– You haven’t been drinking much water, and tend to drink water only when you feel thirsty.
– You take medications regularly.
– Your skin has been breaking out, or you may notice mild rashes appearing.
– You don’t feel like your normal self.
– You haven’t been exercising regularly.
– You’re not sleeping as well as you would like to.
– You cook/store foods in aluminum cookware.
– You eat a large amount of canned foods
– You regularly drink canned sodas.
– You’ve been exposed to heavy metals.
– You work with or have been jeopardized by environmental toxins.
– You’re having difficulty maintaining a normal weight.
– You’ve been experiencing mild headaches.
– You smoke or have been exposed to second-hand smoke.

If you identify with 3 or more of the items listed above, a Cleanse and Detoxification Program may be just what your body needs.*

My go-to choice is Eniva’s 7-Day Detox Kit. It only lasts 7 days, is non-fasting, non-dieting and easy to do. Plus it’s gentle so you’re not in the bathroom all day! ;-b

Eniva Detox Kit

It’s affordable, too. It’s much less than other whole-body programs on the market today. 🙂

You can order your Detox Kit online here or pick one up at The Transformation Club.

Contact me or any TEAM member at The Transformation Club if you have questions.

Justin Yule

P.S. – This is NOT one of those programs that require you to be near “home base” all week long. It’s gentle on your body and feels great. 😉

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