Should I workout when I’m sick?

For some, being sick is a great excuse not to workout.  Others need to stop themselves from making it worse.

So, what should you do?

Well, first and foremost, if you’re contagious stay home!  Nobody wants your funk. ;-b

Otherwise, there’s an old saying that I believe holds true:

If it’s in your chest, stay home and rest.  If it’s in your head, get out of bed.

This seems to be a good rule of them.

If you’re coughing up loogies keep that stuff to yourself.  

However, if you’re not to that point and you’ve just got a head-cold get moving.  Oftentimes, a workout will actually help clear your head and make you feel better.  Just be respectful about staying in your own bubble. 😉

One more thing, you don’t “catch a cold” just because someone around you is sick.  You get sick when you’re immune system is weak and it can’t fight off the germs. Janell and I recently recorded a really good episode of The Transformation Show – How We Stay Healthy During Cold & Flu Seaon – that I recommend you check out.


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