Retirement Advice from a Personal Trainer??

So, let’s make sure we’re very clear…
I am NOT a certified financial planner, however, the subject of retirement IS something I focus on quite a bit, especially right now as Janell and I are debating what to do with our current house…

But, I’m guessing, a lot of my retirement planning focus is very different than most others…
Here’s what I mean:
First, I personally can’t imagine myself ever actually “retiring.” I love what I do too much.
Instead, I see myself evolving in my career – I imagine I’ll always be creating/contributing something… I suppose it’s the entrepreneur in me.
BUT, that doesn’t mean I live only for now and don’t pay attention to “retirement planning.”
However, I’m not here to give you my thoughts on a 401k vs. Whole Life Insurance vs. Individual Stocks vs. ETFs vs. Real Estate, etc…
I mean, if you talk to the “expert” in each of those fields for 10 minutes they’ll have you convinced their way is the best way, right?
Personally, I think a mix is best, but again, I want to shed a different light on retirement planning…

Is what I’m doing NOW going to allow me to actually ENJOY my retirement?

Afterall, what good is having a big stockpile of money for retirement if you can’t actually go out and PLAY with it – meaning you’re too sick, tired, weak, in pain, etc. to do all the things you said you were going to do once you retired?
On that same token, what good is a big stockpile of money for retirement if you’re just pouring it down the drain in the form of prescription medications, doctors visits, and medical bills?
Are you working your @$$ off now to put money away for a dismal future?
If you don’t think so, just take a look around at the average retiree in our country…
Many of them drop dead within 3 years of retirement because they have no purpose.
If they do live longer, many don’t have the physical ability (strength, stamina, mobility) to go out and enjoy the world…so they shrivel up and eventually die…with regret.
Well, that sucks!
As you’re allocating your retirement funds, don’t make investments that make money…
Make investments that will give you longevity!
Money spent now on healthy food, high-quality supplements, and fitness coaching ARE wise investments into your future…
In fact, in my opinion (sure, I’m probably biased), they’re the most important investments you can make!
Think about it.
I’d love to know your thoughts.
Justin Yule

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