Reflecting on Lasts Night's Loss

So, yeah, last night’s Vikings game was pretty ugly for us here in Minnesota…

I’m no expert, nor is this the place to analyze the game – I’ll leave that to the armchair quarterbacks and sports analysts.

I do want to point out one thing though…


In the grand scheme of life it’s just one game…and it’s only a game. Yes, I understand it’s not a game to the professionals who coach and play it – it’s there job and it affects careers…

However, it’s not life and death.

All too often we place so much value and emphasis on one single event in our lives…and we let it define us – good or bad.

Sometimes a person will let that one event dictate and control their entire life.

Yes, there are “defining moments” in our lives…

However, I believe our lives are defined by how we respond to them.

For example, a tragic loss (like a death in the family) could put you in the gutter or be the catalyst to something wonderful…

Yes, the loss is still there. It still hurts. It still sucks. But, what you DO in response to it is a CHOICE…and that choice is really what defines you.

So, yeah, it totally sucks that our hometown team won’t be playing in the Super Bowl. And, it sucks worse that we’re hosting the Super Bowl and it could have been the first time the hosting city played.

But, for the players and coaches, what they do next – how they respond to the loss – will define their futures…for the short term. I say “short term” because they will have an endless amount of opportunities/choices ahead of them that will also be “defining moments.”

I guess my point to all of this is…

Don’t let one mistake, one bad decision, one loss, one…whatever…be the thing that stops you from achieving a goal. Instead, use it as a lesson or even an opportunity to pivot.

I’ve seen it countless times…

A person doing a transformation challenge has a “bad” weigh-in. Then what?

Some give up and quit, while others “review the tape” and figure out what they can do better/differently going forward.

What do you think?

Oh, one other thing…

I actually found out yesterday during the game that The Transformation Club has been nominated as one of the 2018 Best of Southwest Metro. While I certainly won’t let the results define us, it would be pretty cool to win. 🙂

You can learn more and vote at


Justin Yule BS, CPT, MTE, FMSC
President and Chief Transformation Officer
The Transformation Club

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