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Yesterday I was talking to my friend Andy Baechler, CEO of Eniva Health. We were discussing heart health.
He hit me with a quote that stopped me in my tracks…

“Inflammation is a death sentence for your heart!”

Damn! That’s a powerful statement.
The most powerful thing about it is that we have significant control over inflammation in our body!
So, what exactly is inflammation?
To answer that, I’m going to share a few excerpts from Janell’s 21-Day Detox Challenge manual.
There are actually TWO types of inflammation. One good and one bad.
The good type of inflammation is the one we’re most familiar with. It is the inflammation that occurs when you cut your finger or sprain your ankle. This is the inflammation we can SEE AND FEEL. We want and need this type of inflammatory response to happen in the body in order to heal.
The other type of inflammation is the one that we may not even know is there, but it has much more severe consequences than some swelling or a bruise. When our bodies can no longer regulate inflammation, “Houston, we have a problem!”

“Unfortunately, chronic inflammation typically will not produce symptoms until actual loss of function occurs somewhere. This is because chronic inflammation is low-grade and systemic, often silently damaging your tissues over an extended period of time. This process can go on for years without you noticing until a disease suddenly sets in.” – Dr. Mercola

This low-grade chronic inflammation that you cannot see or feel leads to every one of the major chronic diseases: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, and more.
The question is, is the flame inside of you barely staying lit or is it a full-on raging forest fire?
Sources of the “BAD” Inflammation
Inflammation comes from the sugar we eat, high doses of the wrong kinds of oils and fats in our diet, hidden food allergies, lack of exercise, chronic stress, hidden infections, and our fat cells.
Each one of those sources can fill a newsletter alone…
Or, you can just get it all in Janell’s 21-Day Detox Challenge manual. 
Justin Yule
P.S. – Inflammation is a SERIOUS ISSUE that we all deal with. In my opinion, following a program like Janell’s 21-Day Detox Challenge, a few times per year should be standard procedure. It is for me.

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