Pearly Whites & Fat Loss

I’ve got my semi-annual (that’s 2x/year, right?) dentist appointment today, and it got me thinking about fitness and fat loss…
Imagine this…
You don’t brush your teeth daily, but you’re sure to get in your two cleanings per year with your dentist.
How do you suppose that’s going to work out for you?
Ask any dentist and I’m sure they’ll agree that if you had to choose, it’s better to do your daily work (brush & floss 2-3x/day) than get two major cleanings a year.
Now, doing both is clearly ideal because even with the best daily practice you’ll still benefit greatly from that deeper cleaning you can only get at the dentist.
So, how does this relate to fitness and fat loss?
Well, do you know anyone who’s not so great at getting in their regular workouts 2-3x/week and eating supportively most (doesn’t need to be all) of the time…yet they’re sure to sign up for an annual transformation challenge and/or detox program?
How do you think that works out (no pun intended) in the long run?
The regular daily/weekly stuff that you do OK with is always going to produce far better results than trying to be “perfect” for 6 weeks here and 21 days there….
Now, if you can do both…you’re in real business!  🙂
NOTE:  You don’t actually have to be “perfect” during a challenge or detox to be successful.  That’s just setting yourself up for failure.
Consistency always trumps intensity in the long run.  It’s the tortoise and the hare.
Focus on the things you can do most of the time like working out 2-3x/week, drinking 100 ounces of water per day, and taking your supplements.
That will serve you much better than going all in a couple times per year and then going right back to unsupportive habits the rest of the time…
Of course, stepping up your game or getting a really good kickstart with something like our 28-day Kickstart is a great way to go…just don’t think it’s something you can do once a year and then do nothing to maintain your results the other 48 weeks.
Justin Yule

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