Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

So, yesterday I got a little heavy with Limiting Beliefs. Today is the second part that I promised you which talks about why it’s true that “the problem isn’t the problem…the problem is your limiting beliefs” and what you can do about it…

To understand this we need to recognize the 5 Primary Drivers and how they line up:

  1. Beliefs
  2. Thoughts
  3. Feelings
  4. Actions
  5. Results
  • Your beliefs dictate the way you think.
  • Your thoughts cause a feeling (thoughts literally cause chemical reactions that produce feelings).
  • Your feelings fuel your actions or lack of action.
  • Your actions produce your results.
  • Results reinforce your beliefs (provides evidence to back them up)
  • And, round and round you go…

What I love about this model is the addition of BELIEFS.

I’ve always been taught and have subsequently taught just two through five:

Thoughts → Feelings → Actions → Results

Thank you David Bayer for unlocking this deeper layer!

To change your life you must change your BELIEFS.

On that note, I’m not suggesting you change the core values that you truly like and WANT to believe in.  I’m suggesting you change those limiting beliefs that you DON’T WANT and were “chosen” long ago in an unconscious way…

For example, money was tight growing up and you heard your parents argue about it so you have an inner belief that money is hard to make and difficult to hang on to.  You’ve carried that with you since childhood and it has affected your results ever since…

If you struggle with health and fitness or body image, have you ever wondered where that came from?  It’s not just “poor genetics” or “bad luck.”

How about low self-esteem or self-worth?

It’s your story, and the quality of your story is the quality of your life! (FYI, I have that reminder pop up daily on my phone).

You can change your life by rewriting your story.  

You do this by making a NEW DECISION because beliefs are decisions.  

“Wait a minute, Justin.  You’re telling me I can just decide.”

Yup.  After all, the original belief you’re holding onto was just a decision you made a long time ago.

Yeah, I know.  All the evidence in your life shows that the belief is valid.

Does it?

Or is the evidence simply a result of the original belief and the cycle it perpetuated your whole life?


  1. Beliefs
  2. Thoughts
  3. Feelings
  4. Actions
  5. Results

So, what happens when you make a new decision?

When you make a new decision:

  1. You access new ideas.  You open your mind to new possibilities and fresh ideas begin to flow!
  2. You change your perception of reality (enroll your reticular activating system).
  3. You activate the power of coincidence.  It’s amazing how things just start to “come to you.”

It goes back to the 5 Primary Drivers…

Change your beliefs.  Change your life.


Justin Yule

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