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What We Do

We help men and women over 40 lose weight and feel the best they’ve felt in decades with a transformational combination of individualized workouts, personalized health coaching, powerful life-changing mindset work, and good old fashioned caring.


What We've Found

What we’ve found is that most men and women over 40 struggle with losing weight and feeling healthy.  They feel awkward and out of place at the gym so they make excuses to not go like “I’m too busy.” 

What they really want is to look and feel better, to have more energy, and increase their confidence.  They want to be able to keep up with their kids (and grandkids) for decades to come. On top of that, they really don’t want to put their kids through the hell of taking care of them like they’re doing with their parents. 

But they mistakenly think the problem is their weight and that health is a number on a scale.  So they end up going to weight loss boot camps, buying gym memberships they never use, or trying (and failing) to stay on a diet.  They never create strong health habits and end up right back where they started —— or worse. 

The real problem is that their mindset around health keeps them stuck with the same unsatisfying results they’ve always gotten, the underlying hormone imbalances that create the weight gain are never addressed, and their health continues to get worse. 


What they really need is to go beyond weight loss programs and diets to discover sustainable health by developing a new mindset and creating a few core habits that are the foundation of health and fitness.

Our Team

The Transformation Club

We’re Justin and Janell Yule, owners of The Transformation Club, authors of The Transformation Book, and hosts of The Transformation Show. Justin also authored The Transformation Path. There’s definitely a theme there.

Justin is the Founder and Chief Transformation Officer of The Transformation Club in Chanhassen, MN.  

In addition, he serves fitness professionals worldwide as a business coach and subject-matter expert.  

Justin has a bachelor of science degree in physical education with a concentration in adult fitness and holds multiple specialty training certifications in fitness. He’s been coaching clients since 1997. In other words, he’s been blessed to have a well-rounded career in this industry…and for longer than most.  

Janell is the Chief Nutrition Officer of The Transformation Club. She’s also the creator of the world-famous 21-Day Detox Challenge.  

Janell holds a bachelor of science degree in health promotion and wellness with a minor in psychology. She is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, personal trainer, and yoga instructor. Janell has been helping clients improve their health and well-being since 2005.  

Together, we live our mission to educate, motivate, and inspire you to become the BEST version of YOU. 

Our Team of Nutrition Experts, Personal Trainers and Yoga Instructors are ready to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

We spend our resources learning about exercise, nutrition, stress management, rest, and recovery so that we can deliver better products & services that produce positive changes in the lives of the people we work with.

We’re always improving, too. The coaching we’re doing now is better than the coaching we were doing six months ago. And the coaching we’ll be doing six months from now will be better than coaching we’re doing today.  Our team wakes up every day with a sense of WHY we come to work.

We come to work to educate, motivate, and inspire you to become the very best version of yourself.

That means we have to get better at what we do everyday and become the very best version of ourselves. We’ll never settle, and neither should you.

The Transformation Club Team



“Faith is the ability to see the invisible – to believe in the incredible. That is what enables you to receive what the masses think is impossible.”

– Clarence Smithison

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.”

– George Bernard Shaw

We foster our client’s faith and provide them with the tools & coaching they need to take massive action to achieve their goals. We motivate, educate and inspire them to be the very best version of themselves.


We practice what we preach because we enjoy the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle founded on smart training, supportive nutrition, and self-care. By taking the best care of us we’re able to then best care for our clients. In addition, we only ask clients to do things that we’re willing to do ourselves.


One of the most basic laws of life is “Create or Disintegrate.” Nothing remains the same. You’re either improving the quality of your life or you are taking away from it. We continually focus, both personally and professionally, on doing a little bit more and being a little bit better.


Our clients’ success goes beyond the programs and services we offer. The relationships we create and our clients’ strong desire to do business with US is how we can truly make a difference in their lives.

The missing piece to making fitness and self-care a lasting part of your life is a caring community that knows your name and misses you when you’re gone.

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