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Members Only Nutrition Manual


Here’s an interesting fact…


The National Weight Control Registry found that 89% of people who lost 30 or more pounds and kept it off for at least one year accomplished their goals through a combination of diet and exercise.  In that study only 10% succeeded using diet alone, and only 1% using exercise alone.


Bottom Line:  You need to support your exercise program with a proper nutrition program.


Now, here’s the GOOD NEWS… More than likely, what you think is good nutrition, what you’ve been told is good nutrition, is most likely completely false.  In other words, a supportive weight loss and fitness nutrition program is NOT about eating low-fat, no-taste, boring meals.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Download the manual here => The Transformation Club – Nutrition Success Guide(2)


I promise… You will be BLOWN AWAY by what you learn from us, and the recipes we provide will shock & awe you AND your family.  Janell lays out everything you need to know – the TRUTH about weight loss & healthy eating – in a way that’s easy to digest (HA!) and put into action.


Did I mention the recipes are delightfully delicious?  😉  Our Members are constantly raving about the recipes Janell provides – they’re always taking pictures and posting them in our private forum.


Travel and At Home Workouts

Whether you’re traveling or strapped for time, we’ve got you covered with our travel/home workouts. 

By the way, we only use and recommend the Quantum Band from Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz. The Economy Package (beginners) and Total Fitness Package (intermediate) are both great values.  I’d also recommend getting a set of the orange micro bands.  

Another option is to create your own package by getting one of the Single Band Packages and adding a set of Handles (nice to have) and the Band Utility Strap (a must).


Resistance Training Workouts:

Perform each exercise in the 5-exercise circuit at YOUR maximum intensity for 40 seconds followed by 20-second transition to the next exercise.  Perform up to 6 total circuits.

Use the alternate exercise options as needed based on FMS wristband color, strength, physical limitation, or equipment availability.


Exercise Alternate Exercise
Band Front Squats Chair/Bed Squats (sit on chair/bed & stand back up)
Push-ups High Plank
Band RDLs Glute Bridges
Band Rows Dumbbell Rows
Front Pillar Hollow Hold


Cardio Core Workouts:

Alternate between 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for each exercise pair for 8 total rounds (4 of each)…followed by a 1-minute transition to the next exercise pair.  Complete up to 6 circuits.

You can mix and match any cardio exercise with any core exercise, and it’s perfectly fine to repeat exercises…

In fact, it would actually be considered “more advanced” to repeat one pair for all 6 circuits.  😉

Cardio Exercise Options Core Exercise Options
Run in Place Front Pillar Variation
Upper Body Running Side Pillar Variation
Boxing (any punch style) Band Core Hold Variation
Line Hops (front-to-back or side-to-side) Hollow Hold
Ice Skaters Pike Crunch Hold
Mountain Climbers Dead Bug Variation
Burpees Glute Bridge Variation




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