Now, That’s HOT!

Here’s something you may never have considered…
The temperature you cook your food and how it affects your health.
Smoke point refers to the temperature at which an oil starts to burn and smoke. When you cook with oil that’s been heated past its smoke point, you do more than impart a burnt flavor to foods. Beneficial nutrients and phytochemicals found in many unrefined oils are destroyed when the oil is overheated.
Besides losing the healthy nutrients and phytochemicals, you actually introduce toxicity and free radicals – NOT GOOD!
By the way, it’s commonly believed that olive oil is good for you…
That’s only true at low temps.
In fact, it’s best that you just use olive oil as a dressing.  
Don’t cook with it at all because its smoke point is typically under 200 degrees unless you’re buying the really high-quality, expensive stuff…
Check out this graph showing smoke points:

As you can see, Eniva’s Cooking Oil has, by far, the highest smoke point available.  
Plus, it’s loaded with Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA).  Numerous studies show that people who eat the most CLA have improved metabolic health and a lower risk of many diseases.
In fact, we don’t know of any oils you can buy that are blended for their nutritive value and award-winning.
Here’s to cooking healthy!  🙂
Justin Yule
P.S. – Eniva’s Cooking Oil is so good and so healthy that its available in some of the best medical facilities in the nation, including the famous Cleveland Clinic – one of the most respected hospitals in the world!  And, now it’s available at The Transformation Club, too!

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