My must haves for travel

I’m back to traveling this week and next week…
This week Janell and I are in Chicago for Strategic Coach – a coaching program for entrepreneurs –  on Tuesday.
We drove down yesterday, with a pit stop in Madison to visit one of Janell’s oldest friends, and we’ll be heading back on Wednesday evening after a day of reflection (on what was learned in SC), as well as the last quarter of business.  Then we’ll do some masterminding and planning for the next quarter…
Next week, I’m back in Kentucky to coach one of my groups of fitness entrepreneurs.
Now that you know my schedule ;-b, I figured I’d use today’s post to share some of my MUST HAVES – the things I always pack to keep me in my routine…
I’m just going to rattle them off, so here goes:

  • Water bottle
  • Bose Wireless Headphones – definitely for planes, but also for daily meditation and some workouts/walking
  • Foam Roller & lacrosse ball
  • Resistance band(s)
  • Workout shoes
  • Protein powder
  • Rx Bars – just in case
  • Supplements – this is probably where I spend the bulk of my time packing to make sure I have everything.  ;-b
  • Essential Oils for sleep, focus, and immune support
  • Personal development and/or business book
  • Fiction book – for bedtime reading
  • Notebook

I also packed the Eniva Cold & Flu buster ….. an absolute must when traveling.
BOTTOM LINE:  I’m all about protecting my immune system when I travel so I’m always making sure I:

  1. Get good sleep
  2. Workout daily – even if that’s just my push-up/squat ladder in the morning
  3. Eat well
  4. Take Cold & Flu Buster, along with my standard supplements, every day

One last thing…
Don’t forget to pack your clothes and toiletries!  Oh, and like mom always said, be sure to have an extra clean pair of underwear.  ;-b
Alright, on with the day…Today, Janell and I are heading to the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.
Make it a great day!
Justin Yule

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