My fitness degree and personal training certifications are meaningless…

Besides 22 years of experience as a fitness professional, I have a degree in physical education with a concentration in adult fitness, I have a nationally recognized personal training certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and I have accumulated a number of specialty certifications over the years as well.

They’re all meaningless.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  All that education has helped give me the knowledge I have today to design programs and coach clients better than if I didn’t have them.  And, of course, nothing can replace two decades of practical experience.

However, it’s all still meaningless…IF I can’t get you to SHOW UP.

In an article last week, I wrote about the lack of access to equipment being a non-issue for results. Well, lack of information is no excuse either, especially because we live in a world where there is no such thing.  In fact, you could argue that there’s too much information, which causes confusion, but that’s another story…

Anyone can go online and access some pretty darn good workouts.  Heck, if you’re someone who prefers to work out at home, here’s my favorite solution for equipment AND information.

But, we’ve all bought things that saw little-to-no use, right?


Because we don’t “show up.”

At The Transformation Club, we do a number of things to help encourage people to show up…from recognition when they do…to “hunting” people down when they don’t.  Of course, things like community, a fun environment, great workouts that work, and other things play a role, too.

However, at the end of the day, it still falls back on the person to SHOW UP.

Looking at myself and how my own fitness routine has developed over the last year or so and having a recent conversation with my business coach and mentor, I’ve come to realize something really important when it comes to showing up…

Let me ask you something, “Do you identify yourself as someone who is healthy and therefore consistent exercise is a regular part of your life…OR…do you identify yourself as being overweight/fat/unhealthy and therefore exercise is something you have to do to change?”

Your answer to that question is paramount!

It literally answers why you either consistently show up or why you constantly find excuses not to.

Chew on that one for a while.

Now, even if you ARE overweight/fat/unhealthy right now, you still CAN choose to identify as someone who is embracing a healthy lifestyle and therefore consistent exercise is a regular part of your life…

Until you do that, you’re never going to get off that showing up / results roller coaster.

By the way, this principle applies to EVERY area of life.

I encourage you to ask yourself how you’ve been showing up in each area that’s important to you.  I certainly have…and I don’t like all my answers.


Justin Yule

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Husband. Dog Dad. Author. Coach. Entrepreneur. Transformation Specialist. Justin Yule is the founder, president, and chief transformation officer of The Transformation Club. In addition, he serves fitness professionals worldwide as a business coach and subject-matter expert. Justin is the co-author of the best-selling book, The Transformation Book, as well as the author of the fictional tale, The Transformation Path. He is also the co-host of The Transformation Show podcast. Justin has a bachelor of science degree in physical education with a concentration in adult fitness and holds multiple specialty training certifications in fitness. He has been educating, motivating, and inspiring clients to become the best version of themselves since 1997.

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