My car got stuck and it was awesome

WTH?!  15 inches of snow in mid-April!  And, supposedly more on the way!!
You just gotta laugh and be somewhat fascinated with it. ;-b
And, to the fact that I managed to get one of my cars stuck in the driveway – Oh well. We’ll figure it out.
You know something, maybe there’s a lesson in all this…
Or better put, I realized that my recent shift has me looking at things and responding (not reacting) in a different way.
Here’s what I mean…
Truth be told, getting my car stuck in the snow/mud would normally have me lose my $#\^.  
It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’d get myself all worked up in a tizzy and just make everything worse.  Janell would have to deal with my outburst (me beating myself up) and Badger would either try to come to the rescue or run away scared.  🙁
I also probably would’ve blew my back out shoveling in anger, not paying attention to form, lifting too much, and going to fast.
But, yesterday was different for some reason.
Yes, I was impatient and tried to outsmart the situation…
Instead of just sucking it up and shoveling the entire driveway, I decided to shovel two tire paths down the driveway.  I figured that’s all I would need to do to get the car out. Plus, my snow guy would be out today to clear the driveway so why do the whole thing?
Well, my genius plan didn’t work…
Maybe it would have, but I hesitated as I backed out when normally I would have just gunned it.
I chose not to gun it because I figured I didn’t need to since I cleared tire paths…
Well, what I didn’t account for was:

  1. The 15 or so inches of snow under the middle of the car
  2. The fact that we don’t actually have a driveway underneath all that snow.  It’s still dirt.

So, I got about halfway down the driveway and the car just stopped…and sank.  🙁
I tried everything – rocking the car back and forth, turning the wheels, digging out, and even putting carpet scraps (didn’t have any boards) under the tires.  The tires just kept spinning.
At this point, I’d normally be really disappointed/upset/pissed off with myself…and probably call myself an idiot and possibly even throw a tantrum.  
But, for some reason, I didn’t.  I took some deep breaths and just said, “Well, that didn’t go as planned.”
Then I started shoveling the rest of the driveway.
At this point, Janell got back from walking Badger and thought all was well because one car was out and I was working on the other side…
Not so much.  But, in telling my tale and giving it another attempt with her help (unsuccessfully), I didn’t lose it.
Janell offered to give me a break and do some shoveling (we only have one shovel), but I said something along the lines of “Thank you, but it’s my mess and I’ll clean it up.”
Then I proceeded to get a GREAT workout in as I methodically (as opposed to haphazardly in anger/frustration) shoveled the rest of the driveway.  
I also felt pretty “good” and “accomplished” when I was done.  Best of all, I was able to calmly go back to enjoying a snow day at home with Janell and Badger.
It was pretty awesome.  🙂
I’m not entirely sure why I’m sharing all this with you, especially admitting my tendency to react poorly (even childishly) but like I’ve said before…sometimes my blog is like my diary and in sharing things that I’m experiencing/learning I hope to fulfill our company mission…
To educate, motivate, and inspire you to become the BEST version of YOU!
I’m happy, grateful, and proud to say that a better version of me definitely showed up yesterday.  🙂
Justin Yule
P.S. – I’ve been taking yoga at The Club and reading some pretty awesome personal/spiritual development books lately.  Hmmm…

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