Lack of Results Can Be Frustrating

I want to take another look at the recent survey I sent out (you can complete it here if you haven’t done so).

In a previous newsletter, I addressed the most common answer to question #1:

When it comes to fitness/getting in shape/joining a gym, what is/was your biggest fear?

You can read my thoughts on that HERE.

Today, I want to take a look at question #2:

When it comes to your health and fitness, what is your biggest frustration?  

The most common answer took some form of “not seeing results” or “not seeing results fast enough.”

Cost was a frustration that came up a number of times, too.  I’ll share some thoughts (including how to get results for FREE) tomorrow.

Not seeing results does suck.  No question about it.

However, I think we need to address “not seeing results FAST ENOUGH” first…

It’s kind of ironic that this image showed up in my Instagram feed this morning:

We live in a world of instant gratification.  We can get pretty much get anything we want with a few clicks of a button followed by an instant download or, OH NO!, two-day free shipping. ;-b

It’s no wonder we’re conditioned to give up so easily when we don’t see results fast enough!

But, look, seeing results in fitness takes TIME…probably a lot more time than most people think or want to accept.

It’s cliche to say it, but I will – nobody gets really out of shape in 6 or 12 weeks so why do people expect to get in shape in that same period of time…or less?

The people who see real and LASTING results are the ones who show up consistently…for YEARS!

Sure, you can get a really nice jump start in a few weeks.  We’ve seen it thousands of times with our various transformation challenges.  However, the ones who see the big changes and maintain or improve upon those changes are the ones who keep going and stay focused on the big picture of health and fitness, not just some pounds lost.

Barring the lottery or some big inheritance, it’s pretty unrealistic to think you’re going to build true wealth in one year, certainly not one month, right?  Yet, there are people buying into get rich quick schemes all the time.

Well, it’s no different with fitness.  You can try all the get in shape quick programs out there, but you’ll quickly find yourself hopping from one to another in search of the holy grail only to find yourself right back where you started – FRUSTRATED WITH NO REAL RESULTS.

Bottom line, the most important thing in fitness is CONSISTENCY.

Oh, and by the way, that does NOT mean killing yourself in the gym everyday!

In fact, you’ll get far better results consistently exercising 2 times per week for a year than you will 6 times per week for a month each quarter…even though that’s roughly the same number of workouts.

Now, let’s address the consistent exerciser who still isn’t seeing results…

Well, if that’s you, my friend, you need to understand one of the biggest rules in fitness – you can’t out-train a bad lifestyle.

Without going deep down that rabbit hole, I’ll just say this – if you truly want to see awesome results and become the best version of yourself you need a holistic approach that addresses Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Management, and Supplementation…otherwise known as the DRESS protocol.  Of course, I’d add to that, and say it’s the MOST IMPORTANT thing, mindset.

Oh, one thing about DRESS to put you at ease…

You do NOT have to be “perfect.”  There’s no such thing anyway.

Again, it goes back to consistency.  A little bit done consistently will always go further than the roller coaster of doing everything for a short period of time followed by pretty much nothing for an even longer period of time…


Justin Yule

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