I’ve been playing small.

Janell and I are flying home right now from the Powerful Living Experience in Orlando, Fl.

It was definitely POWERFUL!

I’ll, for sure, be sharing some of the lessons here over the next few weeks, months, and beyond.  In fact, that was one of my big takeaways from the event – I haven’t been doing enough (for myself and teaching) with personal development and mindset training (subjects I love).

I learned a ton at the event and plan to dive hard into studying further, especially the neuroscience stuff.  It’s so fascinating how the brain works…

My biggest takeaway though is that I’ve been playing small.

I’ve allowed myself to get too comfortable – in business, fitness, personal development, and relationships.

And, I’ve let some limiting beliefs and some fear prevent me from taking things to the next level…

Can you relate with me on this?

I’m fired up to be fired up again! 🙂

That’s what’s so great about going to events like this and plugging yourself into environments with people who are working on their own transformations – kinda like being a member at The Transformation Club! 😉

Of course, the key is to keep the energy and momentum going and do the work when you get back to “the real world”, right?

Too many people just get on the seminar train or the weight loss challenge carousel or whatever thing that gets them pumped up, and then just end up spinning their wheels going nowhere fast…

That’s actually one area Janell and I are super-dedicated to making even better for people who come work with us at The Club.  🙂

In the meantime, I’d love to know:

  • Have you been playing small in any areas of your life?
  • If yes, why do you think that is so?


Justin Yule

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